Will Angela Merkel Be Able To Save The EU?

The European Union greatly changed the economy and political environment of europe as a whole. There have been numerous benefits to the existence of the European Union. However, this very successful and longstanding union of european nations may be coming to a close. Greece’s economy is in shambles, and this has put a drain on the economy of the European Union. Britain may leave the European Union. If they do exit the union, the EU will face even more problems. Ukraine is suffering economically, and this has caused even more problems for the European Union. The situation in the middle east is putting a huge strain on the European Union. There is speculation that this could be the final straw for the EU. The European Union is in a situation where many Syrians are coming in, but there is not enough regulation of this mass exodus. A successful European financier, George Soros, strongly believes that this influx of people from Syria could sink the EU. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, also shares this belief. George Soros believes that Angela Merkel could potentially offer solutions that could end this crisis. We can hope that this is true, and she is able to revive the European Union.

Angela Merkel originally got the ball rolling to bring Syrians in to Europe. She was able to get her plans through to open the door to the Syrian refugees. However, she did not put effective policies on the books to keep the exodus under control. There have been such large droves of immigrants that it has overwhelmed europe. George Soros feels that since Angela Merkel was able to get the plans in place to accept the Syrian immigrants, it could be possible for her to get laws in place to keep the exodus under control.

We must take the beliefs of Angela Merkel and George Soros into account with regard to the politics and economy of europe. Both of these individuals are extremely credible people when it comes to economic forecasts, due to their very lofty positions. Angela Merkel holds the lofty position of Germany’s Chancellor. George Soros is the owner of one of Europe’s most successful corporations. His company invests exceptionally large amounts of money in various european companies. He handles these investments with great expertise.

We can hope that the Syrian refugee crisis is brought under control. If it is, Angela Merkel will likely be at the center of the effort to bring the situation in check. If she is successful, the EU may be able to withstand the migrant crisis. However, without effective policies, it seems that the EU’s survival is not all that likely. The dissolution of the EU will alter europe in many ways, some of which cannot be known. It is likely that these changes would typically not be good for many european citizens, companies, and nations. The EU is an organization that has brought a plethora of positive changes throughout the nations of europe.

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