‘Wedding Ringer’ Red Band Trailer

The “Wedding Ringer” trailers have been around for a while, but now the Red Band trailer is out there. This means that people get a small dose of the profanity that they are expecting from an actor like Kevin Hart.

The film is coming out in January, and this is usually a bad time for film releases (http://screenrant.com/wedding-ringer-trailer-red-band/). Of course, Kevin Hart is in his own lane. He is doing a lot and more people are catching on to this rising star. There are a lot of fans of Hart that will be thrilled to see him in the buddy comedy with Josh Gad.

The “Wedding Ringer” is a breakout role for Kevin Hart because this will be his first staring role in a film that doesn’t have a primary African American cast. This is something Sam Tabar thinks is necessary for him to grow into a worldwide star. Millions of people have seen Hart in films like “Think Like A Man” and “Ride Along,” but these films attracted huge African American audiences. With “Wedding Ringer” Hart is going for mainstream appeal.

The Sony film that also has Josh Gad (the voice of the now famous character Olaf from Disney’s “Frozen”) is somewhat off schedule for a wedding film. The majority of people that have weddings are having their ceremonies during the spring and summer months. Few people get married during the month of January. That is why this is such a gamble, but Kevin Hart can pull it off.

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  1. Barbara Markus (Post author)

    Wedding Ringer already has the message about Gad and the Role by African American actor makes the whole link come out to light. The meanings assignmentmasters.co.uk tells us are intentional and we know what they are doing. Sony films has had the better of the audience selling out their ideologies and making money along the way as well.

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