Waiakea Water: H2O With a Twist!

Many bottled companies in the United States today capitalize on creating bottled water products. Our grocery aisles and convenient stores are brimming with a multitude of promising brands. The $100 billion bottled water industry has forged its way into the United States with a major presence. Even so, Italians still remain the largest bottled water consumers to date.

Some of the leading bottled water companies share different claims as to how and why their brand delivers the best experience and a host of health benefits. Today, because consumers have so many choices, we have become even the more selective with our aquatic alternatives. Brilliant company, Waiakea Water derived from Hawaii, offers a natural wholesome characteristic that no other H2O source can deliver. Waiakea Water translates to “broad waters”.

The Hawaiian volcanic water company takes pride in fostering feel-good vibrations that are aligned with Hawaii’s balanced culture. Waiakea Water incorporates a distinctive water filtering system. Their product naturally passes through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock via the Mauna Loa volcano, producing natural Hawaii volcanic water. It is intrinsically enriched with electrolytes and healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The filtering process produces high Waiakea water pH Alkaline levels. Waiakea Hawaiian water propels their brand to the next level by promoting an eco-friendly environment.

They have ingeniously created the world’s number one fully degradable and recyclable plastic. Ordinarily, plastic bottles usually breakdown over a period of 1,000 years or more, whereas Waiakea Water’s version will degrade in 15 years tops. The Carbon Neutral certified company uses low emission transportation to deliver their goods. They also donate a portion of their profits to nonprofit organizations and disadvantaged areas.

Waiakea Water takes the lead in the bottled water industry. They have been recognized as one of the 500 companies in the United States that demonstrate the strongest growth. The company cares about the environment, produces filtered rich alkaline volcanic water benefits, and give back to the community.


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