Victoria Secret Kicks On-Call Scheduling Practices to the Curb

Victoria Secret has recently been under-fire for the use of its on-call scheduling. Basically they put employees on the schedule but then would cancel their shifts at the last minute with no compensation. This was a practice that was affecting over ten thousand of their retail workers from coast to coast.

And this was not the only issue as some employees were handed extensions which required them to work past their scheduled end time as well. This policy has since been amended to supply employees with ample notice if their shift is in need of an extension.

There is currently some pending litigation regarding the L Brand, Victoria Secret management practices. The company has declined comment.

According to Brian Bonar, Victoria Secret is not the only brand or chain trying to make the most of their employees and many retail employersare cutting hours and shifts at the last minute to make ends meet. Split shifts have been another scheduling technique used by larger companies to keep costs down. Unfortunately, that is what companies have to do in these trying economic times. In the meantime though, it is important to make sure that large companies are not taking advantage of the little people.

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