Upwork: The Most Effective Way To Do Your To-Do List

The company was formed on December 18, 2013 from a merger between two existing companies: Elance and oDesk. Upwork’s website platform has a real-time chat allowing for interviewing, hiring and working directly. It even has a digital time-sheet that takes automatic screenshots and tracks the time spent on the task given.


Recently, Upwork posted an online blog about how to most effectively manage your daily To-Do List. Some of the most important key factors listed are: Preparing your To-Do List for the next day the night before as you have the most energy in the morning. Make sure it’s all on one sheet of paper, or a single software application so that nothing will “slip through the cracks”, so to speak. They also recommend setting start times for every task and an estimate on how long the completion of said task should take. Prioritizing and assigning energy levels to your tasks for the day is a great idea as well. Another key factor is to re-evaluate your tasks. Maybe some of the tasks you have listed aren’t even worth the time spent thinking about them. Another helpful tip is to see which of your tasks should be done by you personally, and which should be delegated to others. There’s also something they call, “Zooming in and out”. It’s how they define taking big tasks and breaking them down into sub-tasks which all work to achieve the goal at hand. This should keep the momentum flowing by the many raindrops creating a big storm philosophy. They also recommend batching similar tasks together, i.e. phone calls.


Even if you have an amazing memory, you should take the time to write/type everything down. This is due to something called the Zeigarnik Effect. The Zeigarnik Effect states that people remember uncompleted better than completed ones. This adds extra mental stress which will hinder your overall performance.


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