Universal Accepts Poor Monster Movie in the Recent Past

Universal pictures have always been making monster featured movies, not to mention, they have given the screen some good ones too. Some quiet impressive horror movies like the Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy have been shining portfolio of Universal Films. However, they have not been producing impressive enough monster movies in the recent past. This has been admitted by none other than Universal films that their monster movies have declined in quality a great deal. News has it that Universal Films say that lack of vision of directors, and the stubbornness to make their own image of the world in their own way is to be blamed for the disasters. Rod Rohrich said they further add that their vision lacks greatly. All the capital figures on Universal Films admit that box office has not seen the best of them in horror and monster movie niche.

Yes, they plan to make sequels for their older movies like the Dracula and Mummy, named as Dracula Untold. It is unclear whether Universal Films will eradicate the existence of monsters in their movies for good or not, it is however very clear that fans will not be seeing too much unreal stuff and out of this world monsters for some time to come.

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  1. Norble Murray (Post author)

    However, they are determined to stop this streak of failures by excluding monsters from their movies and by adding in more adventure and thrill. In order to find a way out of this, Universal Films new plans seem as if they are seeking refuge in their older hits. It is going to be the coolest thing that essay service has strove to do for a long time too.

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