Turn that Frown Upside Down; Here 10 Ways to get Happy

Your world’s turned upside down, but there’s always a reason to get back up again.

Sometimes you get down for a day or even several days and you may think you’ll never get back up again, but there is always something out beyond your door step to brighten your mood again. Here are 10 ways that will really make you happy again.

  1. Remember that your friends are never too far away.
  2. Have your coffee in a place that offers Free Refills.
  3. Treat yourself with a little surprise everyday; Doe Deere for example.
  4. You’ve found the song that describes how you are feeling – totally.
  5. Think about it. Somewhere there is a little dog wearing a little pink sweater.
  6. Make yourself some guacamole and add some chips. That will surely get you in the party mood.
  7. Watch all the videos on cute cats and kittens that you can find; they’re so cute.
  8. Strangers are still smiling at you, aren’t they?
  9. Take some time to read again. Read a comedy or a romance novel that has a good ending.

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