Troy McQuagge Wins Big on Excellence

It will always be a positive for people to become widely recognized for the good work that they do in the world. Enter Troy McQuagge, the latest example of this.


Troy McQuagge was just recently awarded the CEO of the Year Award, namely the Gold Winner at the One Planet Awards show. The One Planet Awards show is a global awards program that goes about honoring all businesses and any professional excellence they show in every industry known throughout the world. The ceremony honors recipients of all kinds, from public groups to private ones, non-profit and profit-based groups, whether they are also big or small.


When asked about his outing, McQuagge simply stated that he was truly honored to be named by One Planet Awards as one of the more esteemed people in the industry and earning this particular recognition. He added that truthfully, everyone at the USHEALTH Group, Inc was deserving of the award but at the same time this was proof that the company’s commitment to solve health care problems across the world for customers would not go unnoticed.


In terms of background, Troy McQuagge is the CEO of the aforementioned USHEALTH Group, Inc, which is an insurance holding company that operates out of Fort Worth, Texas. The company’s goal is to find ways to provide innovative health coverage for specific individuals, namely those who are self-employed or who happen to be small business owners. Combining the talents of employees along with finding ways to get good insurance products out to their many customers is the major aspect of the company and their overall main goal.


Originally from Panama City, Florida, McQuagge first joined the healthcare-oriented group back in 2010, with his first goal being to revamp the distribution agency tied to it, USHEALTH Advisors. Doing this led to him becoming the president and eventually CEO of the company by 2014. He has accumulated more than thirty years of experience in sales and retailing to go along with this success, offering new products and bringing the company he works for a high level of quality success.


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