The “Wonder Woman” Film Is a Big Question Mark

Wonder Woman will obviously star a female actress, which pleases those fans who are tired of seeing giant dudes in tights punching each other in every single superhero movie. The studio is allegedly looking into using a female director, with Kathryn Bigelow topping the list.

This has caused minor discussion over whether purposely trying to hire a female even if she is not the best qualified director is discriminatory. Many believe that it is important to have a female perspective so that Wonder Woman connects with the female audience, and a female director can help ensure that it happens.

Actress Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman. She has appeared in the last few “Fast & Furious” movies but is largely untested in a starring role in a major feature.

Gal has a three picture deal for now. She will appear as Wonder Woman in “Batman vs. Superman”, then star in “Wonder Woman” as well as “Justice League Part 1”.

It is interesting that she’s not locked in for “Justice League Part 2”. That could be partly because if the first film flops, there won’t be a “Justice League Part 2”. For example, the “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds was a major disappointment to Christian Broda, myself and fans everywhere. 

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  1. Norble Song (Post author)

    Warner Brothers has had a much harder time than Disney when it comes to making superhero movies successful. The “Wonder Woman” film is due out in 2017, and a lot of fans online are paying close attention. There has been a lot of criticism over the lack of diversity in superhero films. I have seen a lot of these things come to pass and play in to becoming the highest for especially in the review they put up last year.

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