The Rising Star of Crystal Hunt

Audiences have been dazzled by Crystal Hunt’s acting prowess for years now and yet she is still quite young. Many people know that Crystal Hunt burst onto the scene as a tormented teenager named Lizzie Spaulding on the hit CBS show Guiding Light and her star has continued to shine brightly since then.

Most people don’t know that she was cast in that starring role at seventeen years old after an agent saw her in a Actors Workshop in New York. At the same time a confluence of events caused Crystal Hunt to break into the film industry by starring in the Derby Stallion which was a feel good movie that had her starring along side Zac Efron. She followed that film success by starring alongside Amanda Bynes in a modern day telling of the Snow White fairy tale called Sydney White.

It was in 2009 when Crystal Hunt got back to television with a role for a three year stint in the popular ABC series One Life to Live. She further showed the gritty range of her acting skills in a story of four Brooklyn teens who have to face the consequences of a drug deal that creates havoc and misery for all involved. As another example of her deft skill in picking films Crystal Hunt then starred in 23 Blast which was about a football start that tragically goes blind and triumphs over that adversity.

The most recent television role is an innovative look at the filming and producing of a sultry primetime drama. In addition to that, the breakneck pace does not abate for Crystal as she starred in the recently released file Magic Mike XXL. Simply put, Crystal Hunt continues to wow us with her strong selection of roles and gritty work ethic that make her a joy to work with and watch. Don’t be surprised if she continues to broaden her horizons as she just finished producing her first film called Talbot County. It is truly impressive and inspiring to see the body of work she has put together in a short period of time. It will be fun to watch and see where her career takes her through the years and how the roles she picks evolve. Great actors always find a way to innovate and keep pushing the limits of audience expectations. There is no doubt that Crystal Hunt will push the limits of her talents with her tireless work ethic.

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