The Ranch Bellamy’s and Brian Bonar, a recipe for success

Before we talk about Brian Bonar’s luxury restaurant Bellamy in San Diego, let’s take a glance at who Brian Bonar is.
He is a successful finance executive who leads Trucept, Inc. and has also had leadership positions in other companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. This man knows how to build a business structure that works thanks to his extensive technical background. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College for Technical Engineering. He also has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

San Diego Magazine has it that Brian Bonar also worked for IBM at one time as a procurement manager and after was the Director of Engineering for QMS where he was over 100 other people. He was also a sales manager at Adaptec. Later he started his own business (Bezier Systems). After that he continued to work for other companies and found success with Dalrada Financial Services. Brian was awarded the Who’s Who in America in the year 2,000. As far as personal likes he plays golf, goes on boating trips and loves to spend time with the family.

When Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar decided to build a restaurant in North County, it was a bistro, Bellamy’s. It had once been called Tango, where they unsuccessfully tried to bring progressive dining to Escondido. It was renamed Bellamy’s, and Bonar looked for the new staff at one of his favorite restaurantsÑEl Bizcocho in the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Bonar wanting to create a restaurant mini-empire also has the nearby Ranch at Bandy Canyon where he plans to turn the 144-acre property into a four-star event space with a signature restaurant. This is where Chef Ponsaty comes into the picture. A Master Chef of France in Escondido!

Well known Chef Patrick Ponsaty hopes to transform The Ranch at Bandy Canyon into a fine dining destination. Meanwhile while The Ranch takes form at Bellamy’s a master chef is already cooking in this hole in the wall. There is redesigning in the works very soon at this plain dining room, but the menu is another thing all together. Local mushrooms and sea scallops in a truffle scented Carpaccio; beet sorbet with filaments of watercress and goat cheese; duck sauvage, wild boar and Spanish hare; bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels cherry-spiked g‰teau Basque and tender canelŽs from Bordeaux on the dessert menu. When asked to describe his style of cuisine Ponsaty simply replies with a laugh French.

Brian Bonar’s stepdaughter Gianina Pickens has the reins of Bellamys while chef Ponsaty finally gets what he has desired for his whole career, Freedom. Brian was a fan of Ponsaty for some time already and now they work together to bring us more ambrosia. Ponsaty is a collaborator of Bellamy’s, now The Ranch and a pizza place The Italian Next Door.

With this fantastic combination of proper management, finances and gastronomic delights Bellamys has the recipe for success!


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