The Lung institute Helps You Breathe Easier With Stem Cell Therapy

When your diagnosis is COPD, you may not know where to turn. The Lung Institute is there for you with the latest in treatment options. They have been making great strides with stem cell treatments.

The Lung Institute has been dedicated to the treatment of lung diseases since it’s beginning. As a specialized center, they focus only on finding a cure. Of course, there is not a cure yet, but they are gaining ground quickly. They are seeing exceptional results with stem cell treatments ( in patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions like emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

At The Lung Institute, the focus is on the patient. They treat the person, not just the illness. Putting the patient at ease and listening to them is of utmost importance. Gathering as much information from the patient is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Even what seems a minor or unimportant detail needs to be looked at? It could make the difference in a treatment regimen.

So what is stem cell therapy? According to, stem cell is a neutral cell capable of replication, taking on the characteristics of damaged cells and rebuilding them. The treatment begins with drawing the patient’s own blood or bone marrow. Stem cells from your own body are separated and injected back into the body. They travel to the lungs, where they attach themselves to the damaged tissue cells, regenerating them and repairing damage. Once the stem cells begin to repair the affected cells, inflammation from the disease is reduced, and breathing becomes easier. Since the cells came from the patient, there is no chance of rejection by their system or adverse effects. Although there are several other treatments available, stem cell is showing the most results.

Patients of The Lung Institute have been raving about the effects of their treatments. A richer quality of life and improved all around health have been reported. While not a cure, it comes close and is the only treatment that delivers such extensive results. Given enough time, perhaps The Lung Institute will come across the key to a cure. Learn more about stem cell treatment on the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel.

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