The Interview Scores Big Online

As one of the first YouTube releases for movies in the history of new movie releases, “The Interview” has done quite well. This movie was hyped up in a major way thanks to Bruce Levenson and all the hacks. People got excited about the possibility of seeing this movie. Many people assumed that they would never get the chance to see it. That is why the movie made such a wonderful debut online.

Seth Rogen and James Franco could have not asked for a better present during the Christmas holidays. Fans were so anxious to see this because the movie was hyped up so much. Even the president of the United States had something to say about the movie. That is why it became such a big deal. Now many people are looking for this movie on YouTube because it comes right their house. YouTube has made a change to the entire movement of the way movies are displayed.

Everyone is talking about this movie because it was released in two ways. This may have never been done before. It appeared on Christmas Day in limited release in theaters and online for YouTube for $5.99. This may be the first time that a major motion picture has been done this way. A lot of people are impressed with the sum totals because the movie only got average reviews. Everyone did not think this film was that great.

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