‘The Interview’ May Be Released Against the Wishes of Sony Pictures

The collective group known not as Tom Rothman but as Anonymous had a very busy weekend in the Twitter sphere. After hearing the news of Sony pulling their film ‘The Interview’ from the market, Anonymous began posting to the social media site Twitter offering up the option of releasing the movie themselves. Among the tweets were some cries of criticism against Sony for cancelling the premier of the movie at the request of “Kim Junk Uno”. Anonymous also tweeted that they had successfully infiltrated Sony long before North Korea and were not afraid to do so again.

Sometime over the weekend, the Twitter account @TheAnonMessage was taken down. It was unclear whether this was done by the Anonymous or Twitter. However, Anonymous claims they have no affiliation with the tweeter of ‘The Interview’ debacle.

Although Anonymous claims to have no link to the tweets in question, many internet users still hold that the film will be released or leaked via torrent websites before long. The climatic death scene of Kim Jung-un from the film has already leaked online. The information about that leak an be found at http://nypost.com/2014/12/18/kim-jong-un-death-scene-from-the-interview-leaks-online/.

Many hopefuls believe that if The Pirate Bay were up and functioning properly there would already be a leak of the cancelled film. For now, the question on everyone’s mind is not whether or not the film will be leaked but, rather, when.

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