The Effectiveness of the ClassDojo Application

ClassDojo is an approved communication application that is used by students, teachers and parents. The app is an excellent way to consistently communicate about a student’s academic, social and also general conduct development while at school. Students normally take on the look of googly-eyed monsters although they are allowed to customize their favorite avatars. After portraying remarkable attributes, students get to earn dojo points. In the current world, ClassDojo serves the same value as the class reward jar.

Teachers and parents have greatly embraced the ClassDojo application due to its advantages. These include:

  • Time saver- the ClassDojo application is loved by teachers since it is the best way for them to save classroom time. The conduct and accomplishment of students are recorded in just a click, saving lots of time. Compared to the traditional method of keeping tabs on students is ineffective and time consuming compared to the ClassDojo application. The application is easy to use and the teacher can leave it on the Smart board during the day.
  • Data sharing- Teachers and parents like the ClassDojo application since it is excellent in sharing data. By recording the behaviors clicked on by users, the ClassDojo application is able to automatically keep the track records of all the actions in the classroom. Teachers are able to use the ClassDojo app to set reports of children’s behavior which are then emailed later to the parents.
  • Parental involvement- Since there is consistent communication during the entire school day; parents are able to use the ClassDojo application to keep tabs on the kids while at school. Through videos or photos, teachers can communicate the activities of the students to their parents. The ClassDojo application gives parents the opportunity to see the real things that students and their teachers do on normal school days.


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