The Business Accomplishments of Mr. Jim Tananbaum

Mr. Jim Tananbaum is mostly known for his establishing the company of Foresite Capital. He is the chief executive officer of the business. Mr. Jim Tananbaum has set up more than one company. He is a serial entrepreneur that has a record of proficient growing of enterprises so much so that Mr. Jim Tananbaum had been hired to expand other businesses as well.

Foresite Capital has started up six years ago in 2011. It has been operating in the industry of health care. It invests in rising health care leaders and assists them in their growth. Foresite Capital provides services such as networks, and it supplies the businesses with capital. It also provides educational facilities for the companies and their employees as a skilled staff is the key to growth and good performance. Visit for more info.

Mr. Jim Tananbaum has created a number of biopharmaceutical businesses such as GelTex, for example. That company achieved an astounding success. It produced two best-selling drugs one of which is Renzela. That medication started getting annual revenue that amounted to 200 million dollars. The prognosis anticipates that the annual will increase to as much as one billion by the time the company is 22 years old.

Mr. Tananbaum has a major in mathematics as well in electrical engineering and computer science. He graduated from Yale University and majored with an M. D. and then he also achieved an M. B. A. from Harvard University. Mr. Jim Tananbaum is an academic at heart. The passion for learning is one of the things that drive him to new ideas and gives him the means to turn them into a reality.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Jim Tananbaum has recognized a few things that have been crucial to his success. He advises entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to succeed to never stop learning. The mind must never stagnate. Physical health has also been a top priority for Mr. Jim Tananbaum. Sitting at the computer and in meetings can bring down the activity of people, so he always finds an hour between meetings to have a good work out session. Check out the website:

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