Ted Bauman Shares the Story of His Life

Since childhood, Ted Bauman’s lifestyle and experiences were never typical. After living several years in Washington D.C., Ted relocated to South Africa. He desired to live and study in this country. Bauman did economics and history in the University of Capetown. After completing his education, Ted lived and worked in South Africa for twenty-five years. He was a fund manager for all the organizations he worked.

During his experience in South Africa, Ted was interested in slum dwellers. He participated in projects for improving their lives. The housing projects benefited South African as well as other nations. These housing projects increased Ted’s interest in urban planning where he did extensive research.

In 2008, it was time to go home back in the USA. His passion for housing secured Ted Bauman a job in International Housing Programs. His role was mainly on humanitarian work targeting the international scene. While doing this job, Ted Bauman got time to think about his career path. Not long after did he start research and writing. This decision was a big step because it meant Ted would resign from all his executive positions. Follow Ted on Facebook.

Today, Ted Bauman is glad to be a member of Banyan Hill Publishing. This opportunity has given Ted a big audience to help people. He writes about economics and finance that people ought to know. His audiences have learned a lot and improved their lives because of Ted’s insight.

The cryptocurrency market is growing and a right breeding place for wealth. However, many potential investors are unaware of it. As a result, people are making mistakes and incurring losses. Ted Bauman has changed this situation by teaching people about digital currencies. The information has helped people in making better decisions. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Since Ted started working for Banyan Hill, his experience has been exciting, and he enjoys how readers are responding. They question the global economy by identifying some strategies that seem improper. The most interesting part is how ordinary people are thrilled and invested in suggesting solutions for challenges in the free capital movement. Ted Bauman hopes that this involvement and participation will continue enlightening people about their nation.

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