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“Four Rooms” And Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is an American movie producer best known for his close working relationship with renowned director Quentin Tarantino. Ever since producing the breakout piece Reservoir Dogs, Bender has been the producer for all but three of Tarantino’s films. The films produced by Lawrence Bender have been nominated for 29 Academy Awards, with six of those nominations leading to a win.

One often overlooked yet highly entertaining Bender-Tarantino collaboration is the movie Four Rooms, a quirky four-part performance linked by a frame story, all based on the writings of Roald Dahl. While Dahl is best known for his children’s books, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or James and the Giant Peach, he also wrote critically-acclaimed literature for adults. In particular, Four Rooms draws from Dahl’s Man From The South.

TED it starts!!

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Four Rooms follows Ted, a bellboy staffing a high-end hotel all by himself on New Year’s Eve, played by actor Tim Roth. As Ted navigates his way through an evening from hell, he finds himself dealing with a wide variety of quirky and unsavory characters. Ted does his best to service a coven of witches headed by Madonna, rescue a wife played by Jennifer Beals from her manic husband, look after the unruly children of a Latino businessman portrayed by Antonio Banderas, and finally help settle a bet between a playboy director and his friends.

In the final scene, the director is played by Quentin Tarantino himself, and it’s in this scene that Lawrence Bender finally makes his cameo in a role referred to in the credits as “Long Hair Yuppie Scum.” Bender loves making cameos, as does Tarantino, and he has made a habit of it, appearing in eight small roles throughout his career as a producer.

Given its star-studded cast, brilliant acting, unusual plot, and off-color comedy, it’s safe to say that Four Rooms is the hidden gem of Lawrence Bender’s career. It received solidly negative reviews when released in 1995, but with the sheen of time its style and subject matter are absolutely worth revisiting for a one-of-a-kind laugh-out-loud viewing experience.


Lawrence Bender the Actor and Celebrity

Born in 1957, October 17 of a history professor (father) and a kindergarten teacher (mother), Lawrence Bender is an American producer. He grew up in New Jersey. Lawrence is a graduate with a course in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine (class of 1979). Having begun as a dancer, he later joined the film industry after an injury.

Movies by Lawrence Bender have to date been nominated a record 29 times for the academy Awards, including three Best Picture nominations. His movies have won six Academy Awards. With many producers trying to make action movies that will get a chance to come out in the theatres, there is a shortage of such in the market. Safe stands out as a prodigious miniature film that will imbibe you in as much as one may not be expecting much.

Safe, a 2012 movie is the best thing Lawrence Bender has produced. It is a rough and cost-effective action thriller. Director Boaz Yakin gives his best to keep things moving assertively and energetically. The movie has a reasonably byzantine conspiracy. Statham, a retired MMA but homeless fellow after losing his wife through murder makes the film interesting with an aim to save Mei from James Hong _ a crime boss in the Chinese Triad. With morality, crime and revenge as the themes in this film, it can only be rated four stars.

Revenge by Lawrence Bender is seen when the Russian mafia decides to torture Statham for winning against a Russian opponent and putting him in a coma while he should have thrown the fight off. In an archetypal model of evil-movie-guy lucidity, erasing everything he ever cared about is their best strategy instead of killing him directly. This throws him off to the streets. Coincidence reveals itself when little Mei runs from a Russian mob to the subway in which desperate Statham relaxes. Believing to be the only good thing he would before dying, he has to protect her. This scenario as well prepares his ground for retaliation. The fights and chases from the subway to an expensive hotel; from homeless hoodie dressed Statham to the one in a fancy suit, the plot is magnificent. However, it doesn’t explain how a guy with a British accent ends up being a New York police officer.