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Invest wisely with Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an expert on financial matters. He is one of the people who has done so well in educating the masses on the importance of investing in the stock market instead of the traditional means such as bank accounts. Bank accounts keep your money intact but earn almost nothing. An investment in the stock market can multiply in a short time. Paul Mampilly is a graduate of Fordham University, from where he graduated with an MBA. His career in the Wall Street started in 1991 when he started working as an assistant portfolio manager for an organization known as Bankers Trust. He impressed with his performance, and soon he started going up the ladder. He joined other organizations such as ING, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank.

In 2006, Mampilly started working as a hedge fund manager. He took up a role with the Kinetics Asset Management. The organization had $6 billion in the capital at the time he joined. At the time he was leaving, it was worth $25 billion. This is the highest increase that has ever taken place in this hedge fund, and the Barrons even featured it as the best return hedge fund.Paul Mampilly no longer works in the Wall Street, he is now freelancing but still very active in the financial sector. He has been appearing in business media to give opinions about various issues related to the industry. It is common to see him on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News. His expertise in this industry is something that draws admiration from many people.

Paul Mampilly is now the author of the fastest growing financial publication in the United States known as the Profits Unlimited. This newsletter contains valuable information on some of the available investment opportunities that can generate money. With his deep knowledge about finances and spotting investment opportunities, investors who follow him are likely to be successful. Mampilly remains one of the most successful people in the financial sector, especially in the field of investments. He has mainly been trading technology stocks and small-cap stocks companies. His understanding of these industries helps him spot opportunities at the right time.