Susan McGalla: Going Forward No Matter What

While some people take their success for granted, Susan McGalla knows that hers is hard won. A recent article on talks about the powerful businesswoman and her impact on other women in her field. The article entitled, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Pave the Way for Women in Leadership” is an homage to McGalla and her work.

In fact, McGalla has moved through the ranks within several companies, during a time when many women did not hold her position. After completing her degrees in both Marketing and Business, McGalla worked in several consulting and minor leadership roles. This time gave McGalla the experience she would need for her impending role with American Eagle Outfitters.

McGalla started working for the clothing giant as a Divisional Merchandise Buyer. She excelled in this role and quickly rose through the ranks. After occupying various other positions, McGalla became president of American Eagle Outfitters. Her time with the company was very prosperous and she learned a lot about the retail market.

In 2009, McGalla chose to end her professional relationship with American Eagle Outfitters to pursue a career as a private consultant for retail and financial investment firms. This new role offered her a challenging take on her industry and she welcomed the chance to grow. Currently, McGalla still works as a consultant with her company, P3 Executive Consulting, and serves as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Throughout her time in the business world, McGalla said that she never looked at what doors her gender might have closed for her, she simply found a way to open them. McGalla is a professional that has pushed the envelope for women in her field. She represents a strong female role model in an industry that is sorely lacking.

In the article, one of the things the author recommends is exposing more candidates for leadership roles to women such as McGalla. Mentorship is the key to filling out the need for gender diversity. McGalla has proven throughout her career that no matter who a person is, through hard work they can reach the top of their field.

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