Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Has Arrived

Of all the big movies that will hit theaters in the coming years, perhaps none is bigger than Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. The Star Wars Episode 7 trailer has arrived.

With all of the anticipation of the movie in hand, now there is officially a teaser trailer that has been released as of today all across the internet. The teaser trailer itself is only 88 seconds long but that is more than enough for some fans who have long awaited for some insight into the next part of the Star Wars franchise.

The trailer is not very extensive or filled with key movie details, but it does include some interesting shots, one of which is the Millennium Falcon flying around in what appears to be a dogfight against a couple of TIE Fighters. This was more than enough to wet the appetite of Rod Rohrich and others. Another scene in the trailer shows an unidentified character walking around a dark forest and suddenly activating a red lightsaber, which also has some sidebars on it as well.

Despite the short duration and general vagueness of the trailer, Star Wars fans can rejoice in knowing that with production on the film having been completed 7 weeks ago and a year until the movie comes out, there is finally something that will excite them until that time.

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