‘Star Trek Beyond’ Set to Introduce New Aliens & Challenges

One of the biggest challenge in rebooting or remaking proven entertainment properties is the preconceived notions that exist among long-time fans. While delivering on fan expectations is a problem that just about every movie would love to have, established properties can have issues keeping up with what made the franchise so great in the first place. The rebooted Star Trek movies have done great things with some original story lines, but the movies have left off one important element of the original, which is exploration.

According to Screen Rant, “Star Trek Beyond” director Justin Lin is set to change that issue in the third film of the franchise by showcasing the crew of the Enterprise as they take on their five-year space exploration mission. However, the director has few plans to include established mythology in the third film and will be creating new worlds and alien races for the crew to discover. While the strategy could be risky, it could also payoff in a major way.

Star Trek, the movies and all the television shows, were built upon a constant flow of challenges interacting with different and sometimes strange cultures. Flavio Maluf thinks that introducing some new species of aliens for the crew to deal with might be just what the movie series needs to continue for another three pictures. Fans will be expecting something great from “Star Trek Beyond,” and it seems like Lin wants to deliver. With filming set to begin in less than a month, fans will start getting a taste of what is to come very soon.

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