Sony in Hot Water

Sony executives came under fire a few months ago once leaked emails revealed how they felt about a lot of Hollywood’s biggest stars and producers. Some of the people hit included Kevin Hart, who Sony executives taunted in an email for being “money hungry”. The production company apologized for the leaked emails and promised to fix the leak problem for the sake of privacy for celebrities. This past week, it was made apparent that Sony’s problem is a lot bigger than originally thought. ‘Ike’, an executive at Sony, had emails leaked displaying his take on why female superhero movies should never be attempted. The executive mentioned that movies Electra, Catwoman, and Supergirl were failures and that no one really wants to see a female superhero movie. ‘Think Process’ points out that at least 6 male centered superhero movies bombed at the box office. They argue that the gender of the superhero isn’t Handy. The movie needs to be executed well. The cast and world created in any superhero movie needs to be believable for viewers to enjoy it. For some, these leaked emails don’t come as a surprise. Scarlett Johansson, who has played in four superhero films that did extremely well in the box office, has yet to have her own role. Marvel has gotten some slack for that but countered with saying that nine superhero movies will be released before 2020. Hopefully one of the nine movies will belong to Johanssen or another well deserving female superhero. A strong female movie is way overdue.

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