Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology Helps Increase Prison Safety

It is no surprise that drones are quite dangerous in many ways and there have been laws that help make people aware of them. Many of these drones have become a threat to the public safety making it necessary for law enforcement agencies to stop its usage in restricted areas and also for criminal activities. One can see these drones buzzing in different regions and often they are used as a delivery system to send packages of drugs to the customers of drug cartels. The most significant advantage is that these drones remain undetected making it even more efficient for the purpose.


One of the industries that have been fighting the drones for years is the prison. The authorities are getting numerous complaints from the prison staff about the use of drones to deliver contraband items into the prisons. While most of the things smuggled inside are drugs, cell phones, porn, cigarettes and others, it would not take much time for the criminals to escalate once they realize that the systems installed in prisons cannot detect drones. Criminals can also start using these drones to deliver bombs and guns inside leading to riots. Thus, there is a growing need for advanced drone detection technology that Securus Technologies is currently testing at numerous prisons.


Securus Technologies has developed a drone detection technology that does not compromise with the current system installed in prisons. It can be easily integrated with the prison system to help stop the entry of drones inside the prison. The experts at Securus Technologies are working closely with the prison staff to help them learn how to use the system and also use it to block all potential threats. While the company is currently testing the system in a few selected prisons, the number is expected to grow in the coming months.



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