Saygus Raves about NewsWatchTV

With the rapid rise of social media in recent years it can often be overwhelming for a company to try and find their niche in a crowded news cycle. Luckily, with companies like NewsWatchTV creating curated reviews and dynamic online marketing campaigns it is becoming easier to have your company make a positive impression on consumers in the digital age. For one such example of a success story look no further than Saygus, a company out of Utah that creates smartphones. Saygus, wanting to make a big splash, hired NewsWatchTV to promote their newest line of phones. The marketing campaign blew up and yielded intensely positive results for Saygus. Their Indiegogo campaign absolutely shattered their fundraising goal netting them $1.3 million dollars, well over their original expected amount.

“The video [created by NewsWatch] was extremely professional,” raved Saygus’ Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations Tim Rush at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, “when working with consumer brands it is really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way at the right time to the right medium and NewsWatch was able to do that just excellently. I would highly recommend NewsWatch.” Glowing reviews like this are to be expected of a company like NewsWatchTV who puts such a high priority on professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Saygus is just one of many in a line of companies who have employed NewsWatchTV to help increase sales. What makes NewsWatchTV unique is their partnerships with companies that range in size from Fortune 500 to mom-and-pop small businesses. This variety gives them the ability to approach each company with a diverse background of experiences and proven solutions for any sized company. As we move forward into the digital age one thing is for certain: more and more companies will be taking a page out of the Saygus’ playbook and using NewsWatchTV to help their company build coverage from the ground up.

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