Safety First With Skout

I was brand new to online dating when I discovered Skout. I just knew I needed something different. I was trying to meet people by doing the bar scene and it just was not working. Then, I tried going on blind dates. That didn’t work either. Finally, my friends set me up. I figured out what the problem was after each and everyone of those incidents. The problem was that I was virtually dating a stranger and I didn’t like that whatsoever. For one, I didn’t know if I had anything in common with these people! Another problem was that I feared for my safety. I knew I needed to stop what I was doing and try something knew.

The main reason that I like Skout more than any of the other online dating apps available is because it’s the app that makes me feel the safest. I have never worried about my safety and well-being while chatting with people online and even taking that next plunge of meeting them. That’s because the support staff at Skout is awesome! They are always quick to respond and willing to help out with any major issues that arise. They have a section where I can report abuse if I ever feel like someone’s not treating me fairly. Fortunately, I’ve never had to use this. It’s very nice that it’s available though. It truly keeps Skout as a trusted community.

Skout further keeps the online community safe by separating it into two distinct groups. There’s a community for teenagers and one for adults. This is fantastic! It’s truly great to finally have an app that understands how important it is to separate the two. It keeps people talking to the age-appropriate groups. This avoids any predators from going after under age girls and boys.

Skout never compromises my safety. I’ve been on apps before where it’s told me when someone was within a few feet of me. I was creeped out. Skout never does this. Instead, they give out general locations instead of specific locations. They’ll never tell someone else when I’m on the same street as them or at the same place as them.

Finally, Skout tells me exactly who views my profile. I never have to worry about who was lurking on my page, rather I can check it out for myself. Overall, Skout really does the best job that it can to make sure that all it’s users are safe. Skout wants everyone to keep an eye out for one another because it is a community site. They also get involved as well when they need too. Our safety is their number one priority and that’s truly the way it should be. I wouldn’t be on Skout if I wasn’t 100% certain that it was certified to be safe. I’ve met a few people off of the site and I’ve never had any problems. That’s because I followed the guidelines that Skout put forward and I kept my safety as the number one goal in my mind.

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