Ryan Seacrest, the Slim and Handsome Face of TV

Today’s Ryan Seacrest is almost unrecognizable when compared to pictures of the cute chunky kid who grew up in Dunwoody, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. Everyone that has watched Ryan Seacrest emcee on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve or American Idol has seen a slender confident handsome man who doesn’t appear to struggle with his weight. However, Ryan Seacrest recently opened up to reveal his struggle with staying slender and not returning to his once plump physique.

The 38 year old Seacrest has adopted the tools that keep him fit and able to fight off the destructive forces of stress. It’s a struggle for Seacrest to schedule and fit in a workout, so when he sets one up, it is not cancelled for anything. While Seacrest is in action during a TV or radio announcing set, he may take a commercial break to exercise. He’ll simply get on the floor and do pushups or lift weights.

When he’s working at several locations, he doesn’t worry about racing across town to make a workout session, he actually keeps a change of clothes at strategically placed hotels where he keeps lockers for his convenience. With his workout gear close by and a 45 minute break , he can go to a nearby gym and get the workout he needs to fight the bulge; and because of the proximity to work, he can immediately proceed to his next gig.

Unfortunately for all his success, Seacrest, the owner of Distinction, is a food lover. He loves to eat, so he has to balance that out with one hour workouts five days a week. Some weeks, he only gets four hours to workout. On the weekends, he spends 15 to 20 minutes in the pool swimming. When he spends some time with a trainer, he prefers to break a sweat quickly doing circuit training and core workouts.

When he’s on his own Seacrest enjoys running, biking and yoga. His back is a little stiff, so yoga positions are difficult for him to achieve. He hurt his knee in the snow recently, so he has postponed his running and substituted stationery biking. He realizes, he’s getting older, because his body cannot take the same abuses and he can feel them for longer periods of time. Still, he relies on exercise to keep his body in motion while he maintains a very active and productive career. Twitter: @RyanSeacrest

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