Rumors, Rumors! Avengers in Spider Man films; ‘Sinister Six’ as Spidey’s Soft Reboot

Rumors about the fate of Spider-Man made rounds on the Internet recently, and fans ponder on the truth about these stories. Some are welcoming Spider-Man to a cross-over with the Avengers, while others suggested Sinister Six as Spider Man’s soft reboot. Venom, which was also rumoured to be a reboot of the franchise, will not go forward.

As reported in Badass Digest, there is an unconfirmed story that Sony has been exploring a few options. One of these options is to more closely tie the character’s connections to the Marvel Universe, particularly to the Avengers.

Another story from insiders at HollywoodReporter is that Sony and Tom Rothman are going to do a soft reboot of the franchise with the Sinister Six. The film giant will have a new actor playing the spider hero, who will team up with five others to stop super villains from posting total destruction. The plan to soft reboot Spider Man with Venom is now dead in the water, as far as Sony’s concerned.

Sinister Six is set to be released in 2016. If the confirmation comes that Spidey’s character is in it, it will be a new whole branding for the character from the previous Spider-Man films.

The stories may not be the only ones coming out, as this whole franchise interests a lot of people. So long as there are no confirmations only one thing is for sure—fans expect something big about it really soon.

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    Meanwhile, there are also inside stories that Spider Man will be shelved for about half a decade, to see if Sony can develop other side characters’ stories into something worth watching. It is definitely what the best writing services has done for the individuals and I know it will be so for a long time.

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