Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions: Investing for Tomorrow

Richard Blair is a popular figure in the Dallas community. He is known for many things, but the most notable ones are offering financial advice and services to the residents of this community. In this area, he deals with people from all walks of life ranging from individuals, families and small business enterprises.

Blair has been inspired by his mother and grandmother who were both teachers. He has acknowledged the way teaching can influence a person especially improving their self-esteem and confidence. He has always had some passion for finance. This coupled with the influence of his family background led him to establish Wealth Solutions Company. This was back in 1994, and the company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

With the many years of experience in the financial world, he can offer any financial advice that the clients may need. His firms remain committed to offering the best unbiased and objective advice to the Dallas community. The company also continues to help its clients to grow while at the same time protecting their assets. Richard Blair has many certifications which include CES, CAS, CFS as well as RICP. According to Blair, success is not just a matter of luck. Instead, it requires a lot of planning. Richard Blair and his firm follow a three-pillar plan to help the client manage their financial situation and needs.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has engineered the first pillar to be in such a way that the client can set up a good financial map. This is the point where crucial items like the growth opportunities of this roadmap are identified. This roadmap also identifies other factors such as goals, strengths as well as the risk tolerance involved. This is where the firms get to understand the history of the client. Where is he or she coming from?

Wealth Solutions has designed the second pillar to establish a long-term strategy that will ensure that the client meet their objectives. This is where the firm narrows down to the specific investment and liquidity needs of every client. This is where Wealth Solutions maximizes performance and reduces risks involved especially during the recession period. The third and final pillar allow Wealth Solutions to take care of the insurance needs of the client. This is the stage where annuities are also taken care of. Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions has specialized in financial goals, Banking, and portfolio management as well as investments and retirements.

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