Purina® Beneful® Brand Dog Food Creates Good Food and Fun for Dogs and Their Owners

Purinastore® Beneful® brand dog food was founded in 2001 under the principle of making quality dog food from real ingredients. Beneful® has a variety of flavors for both their wet and dry food. They always start with real meat, like chicken, beef or salmon. They then add tasty fruits, vegetables and grains to give dogs a well-balanced, nutritious and delicious meal.

Their dry dog foods cover several specific needs for dogs. Their Incredibites® line is made up of small bits, which make it easier for small dog to chew. They also have special formulas for weight control, puppies and to encourage a playful life style in all dogs. Beneful® does more than basic dog food, they also have a wide variety of treats. From dental treats in every flavor and for every size dog, to baked goodies for a fun snack.

Beneful® has also launched a fun video series called Dinner for Two. It is a cooking show that teaches the viewer how to make a simple meal inspired by one of Beneful’s® wet food flavors. The meal is for the human only, but dog owners get the satisfaction of being able to share a similar meal with their beloved dog.

Along with making great food for dogs, Beneful® also helps to create and improve local dog parks across the country. With their Dream Dog Park program, they have helped support crowdfunding campaigns and community leaders to improve existing dog parks or build new ones. Using a combination of financial and volunteering aid, Beneful® has transformed five dog parks since 2010.

This blend of charity work and producing quality food for all dogs is what makes Purina® Beneful® brand dog food one of the most popular dog food brands in the United States.


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