Providing Better Services with Jennifer Walden


Jennifer Walden is very successful, hardworking, devoted and a loyal plastic surgeon who was recognized and was currently titled by Harper’s Bazzar Magazine based in the United stated as being among the 24 greatest beauty surgeons. Through her career she has achieved a lot and her practiced cosmetic plastic surgery and also she was one of the greatest plastic surgeons in New York City. She then decided to move to Austin where she was born and continued with his practice and as well be together with his family as well.


Jennifer Walden experience and expertise made her be unique therefore she was part of the board of directors at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She as well was invited in numerous medium podiums so that he can give advice and also to interviewed. Because of the great work she did made her be recognized and awarded on surgery. Other skill that she has is writing books. She is an adoring mother to her twin’s children.


She also is self-confident through committing herself in assisting her patients in looking good in their appearance. She studied at the University of Texas at Austin whereby she got Bachelor’s Degree in medicine. She decided to pursue her career because of the entire originality and the outcome. Furthermore she also was inspired to assist women in looking better through surgery.


When she went back to Texas she started from scratch but that did not stop her because her dedication and the experience she had made her succeed and she also inspire other women to pursue medicine as a career.



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