Producer John Veitch’s Son, President of Occidental College: Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Vetch was born in 1959 and is well-known for being a college administrator. He is now the president of Occidental College located in California. He became president of Occidental College in July 2009. He replaced President Robert Skotheim when he became the president. This made him the 15th president at Occidental College. Jonathan was born in California and it also where he was raised. He has worked hard to bring better academics and improve the standards of Occidental College while involving the community. Vetch has helped to successfully expand the college and improve work relations within. He helped with the expansion of the college while taking in the concerns from nearby neighborhoods.

Jonathan has obtained his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in American Literature and English. Later he went to Harvard University and obtained his doctoral degree in History of American Civilization. During the year of 1993, he became an English professor at the University of Wisconsin. It was then he got his first book published called American Superrealism. He later end up moving and became a professor at The New School. There he taught cultural and American history. In 1994, he became the Dean of Eugene Lang College. It was four years after that he stepped down in order to become the president Occidental College. He has allowed the college to expand making it where 33 percent or more of the students can have housing while attending college. A solar array was also installed to help conserve energy. The solar array provides eleven percent annually of the schools electricity consumed. Occidental College is the only liberal arts college within the Los Angeles area. He makes sure that the college is involved with the community to discuss the future of the community. Jonathan has improved relations with the college all around.

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