Power Rangers Reboot’s Potential Casting

New Power Rangers Reboot May Cast Fresh Faces

Film adaptations of popular television shows and toys from past decades have become a popular trend in Hollywood recently. The Power Rangers series is also now following suit in all of this.

The Power Rangers movie reboot is obviously based off of the television series that is still ongoing to this day, with twenty-two seasons of the show completed. The upcoming film is set to be a more mature version that sticks close to the source material by having younger actors cast as the main heroes. This brings up the idea that the studios may be casting new and unknown actors as the lead roles.

Sources have claimed that unknown teenage actors will be the ones cast as the titular heroes in the movie, though casting has only just started now. However at the same time, Dean Israelite, who is going to direct this new Power Rangers film, has had some experience in working with actors who are in their later teenage years, namely in “Project Almanac,” another movie he directed. Also, having a younger cast available ties in perfectly with how Power Rangers lore has always been.

The new movie in the franchise, which has already had two movies made previously, is set for release in January of 2017, after being pushed back from July 2016 due to concerns of having stiff competition in theaters. FreedomPop review writers find this interesting.

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