Positive School Atmosphere’s Are Becoming Dominant With Class Dojo

Not too long ago, a new company joined in the market for educational learning platforms. This company is Class Dojo, which has focused their efforts on a platform that vastly improves on the level of communication that is available to the school community. With their app, teachers, students, and parents are able to stay connected in a way that they have never been able to before. Interaction and contact has always been limited between parents and their children in school, which is actually negative for a students learning. With parents being able to stay connected to their kids in school, communicating and providing encouragement, students have more confidence and show more effort in their school activities. This also extends to teachers, as they now have a way of directly communicating with parents quickly and easily.


Classroom teachers are able to monitor their students on Class Dojo to see their progress and give them feedback when needed. They can participate on the Class board at any time, uploading pictures and videos as well as stories and notes for students to see. This lets students keep track of special moments and save them throughout their schooling.


The majority of teachers have expressed how well the program is doing and how much they enjoy using it with their students, as it works at engaging the classroom. This was one of the primary reasons that the founders of Class Dojo came up with their idea in the first place. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don went around to different schools in the country talking to teachers and asking about the conditions they see in the schools, and many of them expressed the negative aspects. This is when they were inspired to create something that could help bridge the gap and create a level of communication between the teachers and students as well as parents.


Because of this, there are many that believe Class Dojo will be able to change the way education is view as a whole in the future. Class Dojo has seen a great deal of success and they have no intention of stopping now. Instead, they plan to continue expanding and adding features to their existing platform to spread it even further. They are already doing very well, with the program being used in nearly 2/3 of all US schools.

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