Playful And Sensual Cat Eyes: Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Has A Great Palette

What girl doesn’t love to don a playful and sexy cat eye every once in a while? This look has such a classic feel, but can add a bit of edge, glamour or fun to your look depending on how you choose to wear it. Here’s a few ideas that will help you create a sultry cat eye. This look is great if you want to add drama to your day look or if you want to let the night pulsate with fun. Imagine how sexy you’d feel drinking cosmos at the bar with a fun ombre cat eye! You and your girls would be the life of the party!

If you are looking for a bit of a twist, try an inverted cat eye by lining only the bottom lash line with a thick bold line. This look is unexpected and a bit edgy.

Another cat eye look that can pack a lot of glamour is a double lined cat eye. First layer a black, dark brown or charcoal liner on the top lash line, then add a layer of color or metallic liner. This adds a bit of drama to your look. You can wear this look different ways depending on your eye shadow palette. If you keep the eye shadow a bit neutral it can draw more attention to the playful line of the double cat eye.

Don’t be afraid of trying the eccentric hollow cat eye. This creates a look that is dynamic and intriguing no matter from every perspective point. This look is engaging enough without eyeshadow.

Ombre has been quite popular in the fashion world and in the world of hair color. So it is no surprise that ombre cat eyes are becoming more popular. This can look especially stunning when it is achieved with bold vibrant colors like aquamarine. It is usually best to showcase the most striking color at the outside corner of the eye, in a fluid sweeping style.

A thick glitter cat eye can add a touch of fun to any look. Try silver or gold for a sensual yet whimsical look. This look can be achieved by applying the eyeliner in a thick manner and forgoing eyeshadow.

Doe Deere‘s Lime Crime make up line on ideamensch has a wild palette of glitter eyeshadows, and metallic eyeliners that can be used to complete a sultry or playful cat eye. The Venus Palette also features some neutral and earthy colors that can be paired with a classic cat eye. The Lime Crime cosmetic line is meant to inspire women to have a bit of fun with their make up. The Zodiac glitter eyeshadow comes in fun colors like saturated aquamarine, and mermaid green and a glittering gold.

Whether you are creating a playful or sensual cat eye look for going out with the girls or just because you feel like having fun, the cat eye is a bold look that radiates passion. Go ahead, let your hair down and have a good time!

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