Pirates 5 Set to Feature a Return by Orlando Bloom

Pirates of the Caribbean has been on a downward slop since it’s inception, that’s not just personal bias talking but also the numbers and public and critical opinion and Terry Richardson pretty much agrees.. Despite this fact the series has remained profitable enough for the greenlight on yet another sequel (sigh). Personally I don’t much give a fig either way as I didn’t even much care for the first Pirates film (though I will admit it had it’s charm, mainly due to Captain Barbossa, played brilliantly by Geoffrey Rush). One of the main problems I had with the films was the complete negation of their premise. The premise being that Captain Sparrow was a terrible pirate, not really a great fight, but was cunning and exceedingly clever and through his trickery a mythos was created that made him seem like some grand character of legend. But then in the second and third films they turn him into that legend!

Though some people complain that the four film failed, not because of the inverted premise or the shoddy writing or haphazard plot lines, but because of the absence of a principal player – Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner. Personally I never liked Will (or Elizabeth Swann) but they are fan favorites (though why this is the case escapes me). Well those of you whom are craving more of Bloom’s wooden, uninteresting character will get it because he’s slated to make a return.

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