Patty Rocklage A Therapist At The Office And A Supportive Wife At Home

Patty Rocklage is a licensed marriage, and family psychotherapist. She has over twenty years in practice and is dedicated to assist couples and families overcome their life’s struggles. Patty Rocklage graduated in 1981 from the University of Southern California. She is based in Sudbury, Massachusetts.


Gifting MIT


Patty is also good at coaching, teaching, public speaking, team building, and is an active participant in community outreach. Together with her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, they gifted Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). They assisted in the costs required to renovate a nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab. The foundation of Patty’s husband was laid here in the Department of Chemistry, under Prof. Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.


Moungi Bawandeni, Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, gave the Rocklages’ a tour around the new and improved lab. A plaque in honor of Patty and Dr. Scott was put up, and members gathered around it, waiting to hear tributes from faculty leaders;Timothy Jamison, current Department Head, Silvia Ceyer, former Department Head and Prof Bawandeni. Patty’s husband, had in an alumnus profile, stated that the atmosphere of completion for reagents, gloves, projects, and Prof. Richards’ time, brought out the best performance in him, and his fellow classmates.


Renovation Of The Rocklage Home


Patty and Scott Rocklage have for so long carried a desire to renovate their house but were not informed of Ed Freedlender, and The Sudbury Companies. Ed was good at creating breathtaking renovations at a minimum cost, and The Sudbury Company was there to save on time energy and resources.


Since Patty and Scott weren’t pleased with how distant their kitchen was from their house, Ed gave them two options; to either add a new kitchen in the house or renovate the existing kitchen and move it to another room in the house. Another pressing issue on the Rocklage’s house was their front facade. Locating the door for visitors was hard, and they could sometimes walk up to the barn. Ed came up with some ideas on how to reform the facade.


Sudbury town has strict environmental conservation policies. Before Patty and Scott could start on their project, it had to be approved by the town’s Conservation Commission. The agreement was passed on condition that Ed tries and recycles everything he got from the Rocklages’ house, especially trees, to be incorporated into the new design, and the driveway should be made out of crushed stone.


The project was successful and the Rocklage’s were pleased with the job done by Ed, and the Sudbury Company. The kitchen was left flawless, and they also had a beautiful farmer’s porch. Patty and Scott highly recommend Ed and his team for being timely and delivering exclusive quality!



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