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Greg Secker’s Amazing and Stunning Approach towards Life

Greg Secker is a man who believes in saying yes as his philosophy. Greg is a famous businessman and what makes him successful in what he does is the fact that he never lets opportunities go. Secker explained how he rather try out something and fail than not try at all because this is how people get to grow. According to him someone can trade and earn money irrespective of the time, the occasion or the place. The strange thing about Greg’s life is that in school he studied food sciences and agriculture although finance is his strong suit. However, during a recent interview, Mr. Secker stated that in school he began building and selling computers. The whole experience with computers gave him the chance to learn more about coding programs.

Greg’s extensive knowledge about coding systems landed him a job and shortly afterward he was working on the currency trading sector. The exposure made him acquire more information about trading concerning coding. After sometime Greg Seker became interested in the foreign exchange trading and since he had all the relevant information, he decided to give it a try. Secker began with a capital of $ 5000, and in less than a year he had transformed the amount to $ 60000. The whole experience taught him the value of discipline and sticking to the initial trading plan. Greg did trading for a while until he had earned more than enough to retire. Unfortunately, staying at home became boring and Greg began attending seminars and talks.

During the talks, Greg thought of how it would benefit others if he were to share his knowledge. The idea made him start The Greg Secker Foundation. The initial aim of the foundation was to help the young become successful in life while they were still young. Since then Greg has been helping people to an extent he even began helping the unfortunate individuals in the community. The group has brought education, electricity, renovations and more to the less fortunate in areas such as Philippines, Africa and more. Greg also writes motivational books to help others gain success.

Greg Secker: The Next Big Thing in Entrepreneurship

Greg Secker is one of the most successful people in the society. Mr. Secker oozes entrepreneurship as noted by his tremendous accomplishment in the field. He is the owner of learn to trade company. He did not disappoint in his recent interview with CEOCFO. Mr. Secker claimed to be the ‘why not’ kind of entrepreneur. He said that he is accustomed to always agreeing to substantial issues no matter their intensity. Then later, he can figure out how the issue is to be tackled. Mr. Secker also claimed to have a passion in forex.

Although Mr. Secker studied agriculture in University, he leaped into the field of business and finance. He confirmed to CEOCFO that apart from studying agriculture, he was remotely involved in computer building and selling. While there, he picked up a few skill in computing. He was later offered a job in the online currency market where he embraced his financial side. Mr. Secker also talked about his foundation. The Greg Secker foundation has been actively involved in the empowerment of the youth. He encourages the youth to adopt an entrepreneurship type of mindset. Mr. Secker has also acknowledged the constant typhoon hitting the island of Philippines. His foundation has therefore been on the forefront of combating the menacing by building typhoon-proof houses. Mr. Greg Secker also acknowledged his presence in the board of Ambassadors of City philanthropy. He promised to lure more entrepreneurs into giving back to the society.

Mr. Secker is a professional guru. Before founding his current organization-Learn to Trade Company, he was involved with Virtual Trading Desk. It was at this point that he picked up and refurbished his skills on computer coding. After his term there, he successfully moved to be the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. His success was undoubted, and he continues to reach for greater heights. He started his own company at his home. He has seen a constant rise in the attendance of his seminars across the globe. Learn to Trade company has ever since received various accolade and has also been named Best Forex Educator. Mr. Secker has consistently urged the young generation to join the market since it’s the next big thing.

Dr. Villanueva: Head of dentists-owned firm, MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a dentist who seeks to reconcile the corporate dentistry and private practitioners so that there can be better provision of services. He wants to create a business-oriented platform that will cater for the business aspect of the industry and leave dentist to practice only. Dr. Chris Villanueva has made sure that through MB2 Dental the integrity of the dental profession is protected and maintained. He found a good idea to take away the hassle of doctors having to deal with setting up of their own business while still offering services that are up to the standards required.

Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental to ensure that there was no compromise between business and service delivery. He assists dental practitioners with facilities to practice their career with no strings attached. Through MB2 Dental, he has been able to assist practitioners from over 6 states and more than 73 affiliated locations. MB2 Dental has employed over 533 workers. MB2 Dental has taken off with a momentum and since its inception, it has recorded steady and fast growth. This has got to do with the quality leadership that Dr. Villanueva has offered. The firm is expected to keep up with this trend of growth going into the future.

Dr. Villanueva has built MB2 Dental on a platform of more than just profit. His first goal is to see that dentists are able to operate in a favorable environment, one where they can provide services effectively. MB2 Dental being a dentist owned venture supports dentists to learn more about the profession even as they practice and earn from the same profession.

Dr. Villanueva narrates that the idea to start MB2 Dental came as a result of a predicament he was in immediately after graduating from the university. He did not know whether to start a private business or join the corporate dentistry industry. In this dilemma, he realized that he could actually come up with a business model that would bring together both private and corporate dentistry practice. His intention was to create a business that would favor the dentists and make them provide better services to their clients.

About Dr. Villanueva

Dr. Villanueva is the founder and CEO of the dentist-owned dental group firm known as MB2 Dental. He has been able to record success with this firm since he is conversant with both aspects of service provision and business management. Dr. Villanueva wants the dentistry profession respected. He is a mentor to many professionals in the industry.

Financial Success

NexBank is the leading financial institution in Dallas Texas and the 200th in the nation. Since its establishment in 1934, it has dedicated its operations to the commercial banking, investment, and Mortgage banking, to its clients.In addition, it offers tailored made services, that suits the customer’s needs. These clients are the financial organizations, investors, and the middle market companies.

NexBank is popular for its delivery of quality financial solutions, and qualified team of a reputable workforce. This has enhanced its recognition by the Independent Banker Magazine, as the top performing bank in the nation. In addition, Bank Director Magazine listed it as the second best, among the 25 Residential Real Estate Lenders. All these are the contributing factor to its rating score of 300 in superior bank quality rating.

Due to its top notch services, and success across Texas, the CEO and President of NexBank, John Holt, has become a force to reckon with. As a result, he has been invited in several conferences including the Texas Bankers Association, on its Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference, in New Orleans. As a panelist, he played a crucial role in shaping discussions on the reinvention of the banking community, and also issues affecting the advisers, consultants, and leaders in the banking sector. He also took part engaging the stakeholders to brainstorm on the aspects of innovation in the banking industry

Under John Holt’s leadership, NexBank institution has achieved a strong financial performance, with asset growth of 61percent. Deposits also grew by more than 49 percent, which is a sign of customer confidence in the bank. Moreover, its workforce has expanded to 86 employees at 4 locations, a sign that its operations are developing.

Lori Senecal: A Change-Oriented Leader

Since becoming the Chief Executive of CP+B in the year 2015, Lori Senecal has effected many changes that have seen the company grow in revenue by 21 percentage points. Senecal’s approach is based on pushing risk-taking by employees. She asserts that “Creativity is not just a talent, but a behavior.” Here are some of the changes she has affected that embody her approach as the leader.

Kraft Mac and Cheese

In 2015 when Kraft scrapped off artificial ingredients from its mac and cheese recipe, CP+B was against its promotion, fearing that this will lead to the alienation of parents, fastidious kids. However, this leads to the sale of over 50 million boxes which made the company change its mind about the move. This success story created massive free media impressions.


CP+B was the creator of Letgo app, an app that allows its users create slick TV-style adverts for the used stuff they are selling. The app has so far had over 45 million downloads, and the trend continues.


In the fall of 2016, NBA 2K basketball video game was released by 2K. CP+B rode on the opportunity and took advantage of Fitbit to a new level by inviting the enthusiasts of the game to integrate their NBA 2K profiles with their Fitbit accounts. In return, the process was useful in boosting their simulated characters’ capabilities based on the real-life steps.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a change leader who applies her intuitive, leading strategies in creating positive changes in the working environment. She is the Global CEO of CP+B, a global ad agency. She oversees the operations of the agency’s ten international offices and has been influential in expanding the agency since she joined its ranks in 2015.

Under her stewardship, the agency has grown to become an inventive, collaborative and agile company offering consistent international innovations. The agency was named among 2017’s “Creativity Innovators of 2017.”

Before taking her role at CP+B, she used to be the CEO and Chairman of KBS. During her tenure at KBS, she grew the company from a local status to an international status. The company was named among the “Best Places to Work in New York City” by Crain. The company also made its way to ADAge’s list of “Standout Agencies.” Lori Senecal is a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University. Follow Lori on Twitter.


Depression Doesn’t Stand a Chance with Neurocore

Depression is a very serious, yet treatable mental illness impacting about 16 million people in the United States each year. Many sufferers feel the need to hide their illness in shame based on how society tends to callously shun mental health illnesses. When faced with the fact that so many, about 6.7 percent, suffer with depression every year, it behooves the country to take a closer look.
Neurocore, a notable leader in the field of applied neuroscience, did just that when they founded their Brain Performance Centers in 2004. Depression sufferers can experience anxiety, low motivation and self esteem, as well as a need to isolate themselves from friends and family. These feelings can be abuse related or can even be passed down genetically. Whether the condition is Major Depression Disorder or Postpartum Depression, Neurocore has the experience and science to treat it all. These centers specialize in using data from assessments of the brain to pinpoint how the brain works and how to specifically help each person. This customized program is vital in determining which route of treatment is suitable to make the process personal and effective.
During the studies on depression, Neurocore brought together heart rate changes and neurofeedback training in their clinical studies to treat individuals who experienced symptoms of depression. What they discovered was that these symptoms were vastly improved when paired with their methods. The individuals who participated in the study also saw an improvement in their breathing rate and hypertension, as well as a reduction in blood pressure.
With a total of nine centers across Florida and Michigan, Neurocore is a leader in the treatment of ADHD, migraines, autism, as well as sleep and stress disorders. They’re dedicated to helping those in need and accept most insurance plans. If you’re unsure whether or not your plan will be accepted, the company graciously offers a free consultation to prospective clients. You no longer have to suffer in silence and fear of being misunderstood. Be sure to take a look at their website for further information on their studies and to schedule an assessment today.

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Dazzling Eye-Candy In A Rainbow Of Products

When it comes to make-up, Lime Crime is in a league of their own. Anyone can look through make up and related products scanning past the mundane, earthy colors of blacks, browns and tans that become a blur no matter the brand. When you stumble upon Lime Crime’s make-up, don’t be surprised if you stop dead in your tracks.

The bright and colorful allure of just the packaging alone makes you second guess whether or not your in the right place. It’s like being a wide-eyed child inside a candy store as you stare in awe. Visions of dancing sugar-plumbs are easily replaced by glittery lips and shimmering eye shadows. The selections of bright and bold hair colors makes you feel like you just left the land of rainbows.

The color selection of Diamond Crushers for lips will have your smile sparkling like a disco ball. Velvetines Matte Lipstick makes lips looks smooth like 1980’s velour. Unicorn Hair color brings meaning to rainbow. No such thing as sticking to a limited color of blacks, browns, blondes or reds. You can literally have the hair color of your favorite sports team, match it to your car, or just your favorite color in general. Can’t decide? You can have more than one color at a time or shades of the same. It’s pretty amazing!

The cherry that tops this sweet cake? Is that none of these products use any type of animal by-products. Nor are any of their products used on animals or tested on animals. The company prides itself as lovers of animals and advocates for the rights of animals. What could be more hip than that?

This company’s products is leading the way in cosmetics. They are fresh and creative. Lime Crime brings new energy and vitality to make-up. So grab the unicorn by the horn and check out Lime Crime!

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How Rocketship Education Charter Schools Are Unique And Making An Impact

One of the ways in which Rocketship charter schools are unique is that they involve parents in the teacher hiring process. That is right. At Rocketship schools parents actually help select which teachers will be teaching their kids. Rocketship schools even train groups of parents on how to conduct a professional interview with prospective teachers at their schools.

The founder of Rocketship charter schools, Preston Smith says that this approach is highly effective. It helps bring in teachers that parents feel comfortable teaching their kids and fosters a closer relationship between the entire community. Smith also says that there has never been a case where the parents and staff like himself were in disagreement over which teacher should or should not get hired. The process not only works, but seems to work well.

Rocketship operates 13 different charters schools across the country, including a new onc open in Washington D.C. Parents there are actively participating in the job interview process for new teachers. What do parents have to say about the job interview process that they are involved? They are fans of it and say it is good for kids and maybe even good for teachers.

Preston Smith says that during one interview with parents and staff at Rocketship, one teacher got up to leave. When Smith asked where she was heading, she said that the intense level of interaction was not something she was ready to handle at Rocketship charter schools. The process can not only be good for parents, staff and students but for the teachers as well. It can weed out teachers who may not be suitable for the Rocketship charter school system.

The charter school system has also received attention for another unique aspect in its teaching and operation. Rocketship schools are now one of a handful of schools that teach using a personalized and blended style approach. This approach treats students as individuals and tries to cater to their specific needs. Instead of trying to teach everyone in the same way, Rocketship believes that such an approach is more beneficial. Student performance at Rocketship charter schools seem to support this claim.

MB2 Dental Helping Improving Performance, Reputation, and Revenue of Dental Practice

There are many dentists out there, but not many dentists can make their name stand out in this competitive medical industry as they would want. It is primarily because the competition has increased drastically, and the dentists are running an independent dental practice need to maintain their office in a highly professional manner. It is often seen that dentists have to not only take care of the treatment but also spend hours taking care of the back office work to ensure the office runs smoothly. And, while it may seem reasonable in any other profession, it is an additional burden for a medical professional who already is tasked with highly specialized and sensitive job of treating the patients accurately without making any mistakes.

To help dental offices run smoothly, a dental practice management firm named MB2 Dental, which was specifically created to address the issues mentioned above accurately. The dentists would be able to manage their practice successfully with the help of experts and management professionals at MB2 Dental. The company would also assist the dentists to market their dental practice online and offline and help with getting more clients visiting the facility. Marketing is one of the business practices that many of the dentists often do not give much importance, but it is highly needed in this competitive market as, without visibility, any company would lose out on the more visible counterpart. MB2 Dental would help its affiliated dental practices with a range of services, starting form credentialing, billing, accounting, HR, public relations, marketing, auditing, booking appointments, recruiting, staffing, and much more.

MB2 Dental ensures that the dentist can focus on his or her work without any interruptions. More the dentist is focused on his work, better results he or she would be able to deliver to the patients. At present, MB2 Dental has more than seventy affiliated dental practices across the country, and the count is increasing. It is because more and more dentists realize that it is not worth wasting their time and money uselessly on managing their office when professionals can do the same for them at a nominal price. If you are a dentist running an independent dental practice, it is highly suggested that you take the necessary steps to consult with the MB2 Dental representative. They would guide you in the right direction as to how to improve the performance, revenue, and reputation of your dental practice.

Discover Revolutionary Practice Management Guaranteed To Grow Your Business

Are you a CEO? Hire the right people, inspire them and get out of their way. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva believes in setting the vision and giving employees the space to deliver. He is a successful entrepreneur and an active dental practitioner. Dr. Villanueva is the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental, a revolutionary dental and medical practice management firm. The company consists of dentists collaborating to improve the quality of patient care.

Dr. Villanueva started the company to empower dentists to enhance their service delivery and grow their business. The firm has over seventy affiliate practices across the country with over five hundred employees. MB2 Dental combines the advantages of a large corporate practice with the efficiency and autonomy of an individual private practice.

Dr. Villanueva keeps the close company of smart, innovative team members. He mobilizes their support to bring creative ideas to life. He reiterates good ideas come at odd hours and places. The execution makes a difference. He is excited about the role of technology in enhancing patient care. He uses humor in the workplace to gain trust and create a fun, honest and open environment.

Take time to refresh and rejuvenate. MB2 Dental’s affiliate practice owners are treated to a retreat twice a year to mingle and share ideas with their peers. Dr. Villanueva has built the company to focus on people. Supporting local owners improves the relationship with the communities they serve.

He advises businesses to invest in appropriate technology that improves reporting and enables them to focus on growth strategies. Build the infrastructure you will need before you do. MB2 Dental’s success is proof that there is strength in unity. Close collaboration between doctors and a proactive company culture enables practitioners to achieve more than would be possible on an individual level.

MB2 Dental differentiates itself by focusing on patient care. The company is revolutionizing the way dental practices operate and driving fast-track strategies that guarantee growth. It fosters autonomy, personal development and having a great time together. The company encourages a youthful culture that is progressive and ahead of developing trends.

There are expert teams that take care of business support services including legal counsel, human resources and payroll, marketing and compliance. This enables practice owners to achieve efficiency and growth while still in charge of patient care and the overall business. The company leverages technology to improve the time-to-market. Dr. Villanueva has worked extensively in the dental industry as an associate dentist, mentor and a strong proponent of clinical autonomy.