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James Dondero’s Investments in Dallas, TX

James Dondero is the current President of Highland Capital Management which is located in the state of Texas in the city of Dallas. Highland Capital Management seeks to provide financial help to communities and organizations through charity work and donations. James Dondero is a Co-founder of Highland Capital Manageement and has assisted educational systems in improving through networking. James Dondero has been devoted to Dallas and it’s structures, along with having invested in library institutes. James Dondero has committed the million dollar grants to organizations such as: Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, American Heart Association, Snowball Express, ReserveAid, Capital for Kids, Reasoning Minds, the Gary Sinise Foundation, the Perot Museum and Science Center, the George W. Bush Presidential Center, and the Dallas Zoo. Having many years of management experience, Dondero has seeked to improve the Dallas area. He has been dedicated to his work since the Morgan Guaranty training program which started after having graduated from Viginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Since then, James Dondero has certificates in finances such as being a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant which are included within his credentials. Dondero holds professional experience at American Express where he held positions such as Portfolio Manager. He has now become a part of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint and CSS Medical where he serves as a Chairman. Dondero participates in charitable activities and events, and has helped companies expand and grow financially. Dondero holds a huge background in business and finance endeavors and continues to help nonprofit organizations in the nation.

Opening Society In A Grand Way

As We Open Society, The Rest Wait For Embrace

You may find that the realities of the perfect world which we paint is much further from the reality we live. If this is an issue that actually spurs you to actions, then you might also find yourself in a more complicated struggle than you had anticipated. This is because our lives in society positions us to pursue one goal but live another.

These are the reasons why George Soros is leading the world of philanthropy. It’s not just because of the amount of money he has in his pockets. George is a public advocate for the distresses that men face. He speaks when the world needs an inspiring message and then puts his money where his mouth is. Read his profile at Business Insider.

What Is The Ideal World To You

So it might be important now that you also ask yourself a few important questions. You have to better understand the levels of moral ideal which are most important to you. When you’re able to paint this picture, you’re then on the right track to put your plans into action. This is what we’ve seen in the George Soros example for us to follow.

More important and according to George Soros, you must have these ideals to help define yourself. In a world where ideas roam free and invade your privacy, there’s an imminent need for holding to one’s visions and then advancing them without any hinderance. So what we learn from Soros leads us right into what we find most ideal to ourselves.

The Challenges We All Face To Improve

But let George also be an example of the challenges we live. Even with such a big name as he has and the financial leverage he wills, his work is still often stunted by opposition. No matter what you pursue in life, it’s possible, but only after you’ve been tested by the actual magnitude of that dream. Learn more on about George Soros.

According to George Soros, the moment you accept this is the exact moment when your achievements will fall in line. There are so many people who first pursue their ideals without gauging the difficulty involved. The end result is that they’re distracted from the bigger picture and due to the negative sentiment of others.

And for these reasons can we expect to continue seeing George Soros involved in the humanitarian work of mankind.

Agora Financial Can Serve You

Average Americans work daily and focus on their personal lives. We know all about our own jobs but fail when it comes to learning about finances and investing. Maybe you have money you want to invest but have little clues as to where to put your money.

We’ve all heard stories about people making big money through investments in large companies but, how did these people know where to invest? Was it just luck? By the time you hear about these big wins, the stock is already too expensive and the big money has already been made. Agora Financial is the answer for you. They are a private publishing company that offers a variety of publications that are designed to help you learn how to invest, how to understand trends, and where the next big money can be made.

Agora Financial has experts that work hands-on. Instead of sitting in an office, they go out and travel. They see first hand what kinds of new ideas and trends are becoming popular and have the potential to expand. They look for investments that will provide huge returns and then report this information to you.

Agora Financial is independent and they can provide you with information that is purely objective, no bias. They are dedicated to giving people the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in the world of investing. Agora Financial has a stellar reputation for predicting what the market is going to do. They are on record for calling the price hike in gold, the mortgage crisis, and the oil spike.

Agora Financial wants to serve you. They want to give you the information you need to feel confident in your new venture into the investment world.

Vijay Eswaran Was a Malaysian Pioneer in E-commerce

When the Internet e-commerce revolution began in the 1990’s, it was entrepreneurs like Vijay Eswaran who seized the opportunity to start a new kind of retail company. In 1998, he and several partners started QNET, a company that they envisioned as a combination of both personal sales and e-commerce technologies.

The company began as a precious metals dealer. Securing the distribution rights for the commemorative coins issued for the 1998 and 2000 Olympics, QNET found its footing and quickly shot to the top of the charts in sales.

QNET became the flagship company around which Eswaran has built what is today the QI Group, a conglomerate of sales, e-commerce, hospitality, and financial service companies. QI Group has offices located in thirty countries that employ over 1500 people. Its regional offices can be found in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The group works to improve urban lifestyles in its markets and reform education sectors. QI Group continues to grow through investments in world markets, starting up integrated ventures, and providing the products and services that make sense for the markets they target.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is also an author of best-selling books, a motivational speaking sharing his experiences, and a philanthropist working to improve the world. He has created two foundations that are focused on uplifting the disadvantaged in society, both through empowering women and reforming education.

He has received awards from the Asia Strategic Leadership Institute of Malaysia and the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin.

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The Business Accomplishments of Mr. Jim Tananbaum

Mr. Jim Tananbaum is mostly known for his establishing the company of Foresite Capital. He is the chief executive officer of the business. Mr. Jim Tananbaum has set up more than one company. He is a serial entrepreneur that has a record of proficient growing of enterprises so much so that Mr. Jim Tananbaum had been hired to expand other businesses as well.

Foresite Capital has started up six years ago in 2011. It has been operating in the industry of health care. It invests in rising health care leaders and assists them in their growth. Foresite Capital provides services such as networks, and it supplies the businesses with capital. It also provides educational facilities for the companies and their employees as a skilled staff is the key to growth and good performance. Visit for more info.

Mr. Jim Tananbaum has created a number of biopharmaceutical businesses such as GelTex, for example. That company achieved an astounding success. It produced two best-selling drugs one of which is Renzela. That medication started getting annual revenue that amounted to 200 million dollars. The prognosis anticipates that the annual will increase to as much as one billion by the time the company is 22 years old.

Mr. Tananbaum has a major in mathematics as well in electrical engineering and computer science. He graduated from Yale University and majored with an M. D. and then he also achieved an M. B. A. from Harvard University. Mr. Jim Tananbaum is an academic at heart. The passion for learning is one of the things that drive him to new ideas and gives him the means to turn them into a reality.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Jim Tananbaum has recognized a few things that have been crucial to his success. He advises entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to succeed to never stop learning. The mind must never stagnate. Physical health has also been a top priority for Mr. Jim Tananbaum. Sitting at the computer and in meetings can bring down the activity of people, so he always finds an hour between meetings to have a good work out session. Check out the website:

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Cassio Audi Roots in the Music Industry

The Establishment of Viper Rock Band

Long before Cassio Audi chose to venture into the finance world, he had four years in the music industry playing drum sets for his band. The Viper Rock Band, as it was referred, was established in 1985 by a group of five young people whose common ground was their love for music.

The group members Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Cassio Audi, Yves Passarell, and Pit Passarell. Each person took part in the area they excelled most, for instance, Cassio was in the drum sets since he was talented and good at playing drums. Together, they practiced constantly getting their motivation from Iron Maiden and the heavy metal music which was rampant in Britain. Their commitment was to grow in their career despite the shortcomings.

One of the challenges that they had to overcome was the fact that English was their second language and their music was in English. However, since they were determined to produce good music, nothing would move them and such obstacles only motivated to try harder.

Viper Rock Band First and Second Release

Before the first release in 1987 it was essential that the group perform a demo first so that through the adjustments made, the first launch would be remarkable. When 1987 when they launched their first release called The Soldier of Sunrise with three single tracks called The Killer, princes from Hell and Nightmare. Amazingly, this first album received a four-star rating from Allmusic.

This rating was an incredible start for the Viper Rock Band, motivating them to learn a few things and plan towards their second release.
In 1989, the team was able to produce their second album namely The Theatre of Fate after which Cassio left the music industry for the finance world. In fact, he then enrolled for his MBA from the University of Sao Paulo.

Omar Yunes, a Game Changer in Franchise Management

Yunes Omar is Mexican investor and entrepreneur, who represents the Sushi Itto. Omar is known as a great Franchise who has won various awards in the Best Franchisee of the Word competitions. The competitions are held annually, and the fact that he has won several awards gives a clear impression that he is a great entrepreneur. The main interest of Yunes is in the food business, and he operates more than 13 franchises which are located in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla. He is aggressive, a feature which has enabled him to effectively market his products. Yunes is known to be an effective entrepreneur because of his ability to have a significant control in the food industry. His nature has made it possible for him to thrive in the food industry and make good profits out of his business.
Yunes is a successful business person, and through his success, he motivates his employees. He does this through remunerating them towards the realization of the set goals in an organization. His success makes him understand that one of the most important aspects is to focus on the set goals. Having a clear vision and set strategies to work towards achieving set goals, makes it easy and fast to succeed. He has experience, and he knows what best strategies to use in order to succeed in business. Being a business person is competitive and requires hard work and commitment for all goals to be achieved. Yunes wants the best for his business and his employees and to scoop even more awards, he motivates them for the purpose of having them to do their best.
Omar Yunes being the successful entrepreneur that he is, he has created more than 400 jobs for the employees working in the 13 units. He motivates all the employees to ensure they do their best at work. His major strategy is to work through motivation because working with more than 400 individuals requires them to be motivated at all times. Through Yunes leadership, he has managed to develop a strong network of business network, a strong working strategy as well as a structure and an effective board to make sure all business strategies, are implemented.

AviWeisfogel blazes new trails with Dental Sleep Masters

During the mid-2000s, Dr. AviWeisfogel was hard at work. While building his practice, Old Bridge Dental, into one of the most prominent in Central New Jersey, Dr. Weisfogel was putting in long hours, day after day. But he still found time for his other passions, including the field of medical research.

He was always intrigued by the idea that dentists weren’t being used to their full potential as trained medical professionals. Dr. Weisfogel knew that many patients were actually far more likely to see their dentists, over any given time period, than they were to see their general physicians. This somewhat counterintuitive fact stemmed from the nature of periodontal disease.

For example, someone who wanted to put off a routine physical cholesterol screening can do so, without apparent consequence, for years or even decades. In fact, this is what a shocking number of Americans have historically done. On the other hand, someone with an abscessed molar who attempts to put off seeing a dentist for even a couple of hours will soon be introduced to a world of pain that even morphine cannot often cure. This, likewise, holds true for other dental conditions such as cavities or even chipped teeth. While the latter may not cause the patient debilitating pain, it will quickly ruin his day if his quotidian activities typically include smiling at people.

Armed with this insight, Dr. Weisfogel set out to find for which diseases the most potential marginal gain could be made by dentists intervening in the earliest stages, when the disease most treatable. Eventually, he came across sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea, Dr. Weisfogel discovered, is one of the most underdiagnosed and lethal diseases in the country. Strongly correlated with heart disease, stroke and diabetes, it causes thousands of excess death each year in the United States. Dr. Weisfogel formed a plan.

He founded Dental Sleep Masters, a company dedicated to bringing new treatment paradigms for sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, to dentists across the nation. The program has been so successful that many of the dentists who have enrolled have quit their traditional dental practices to concentrate of sleep dentistry full time to learn more: click here.

All About Avaaz

“We have no ideology per se. Our mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Idealists of the world unite,” Directer Ricken Patel, 2011.

A decade ago in January 2007, the United States based civic organization known as Avaaz came into being. This organization had the goal of raising global activism towards the issues of human rights, climate change, corruption, animal rights, poverty, and conflict. The organization has been called “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network” according to British newspaper The Guardian. The organization’s name originates from the Persian word آواز (âvâz) translating to either “voice” or “song” and both relate greatly to the goal behind the organization. Currently, Avaaz has 44 million members spread across the world in 194 countries with Brazil having the most members at a surprising number of 9,985,176.

So far, the Avaaz Organization has been able to claim a multitude of victories since their inception. Their Top 10 victories being; beginning the end of fossil fuels, helping several countries around the world maintain or save their net neutrality, helping create the most massive Marine reserve, putting up a resistance against Monsato, defeating Rupert Murdoch’s media merger, swiftly mobilizing aid to millions, kick starting the fight against corruption in Brazil, fighting to save the bees from harmful pesticides, working to provide for more and more refugees, and protecting the forests of the world.

Avaaz continues to exist and grow in the sake of righting the wrongs they’ve set out to fight. Their numbers continue to grow and their will to keep standing up for what they believe remains as strong as ever.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

The Future of Digital Marketing: A White Shark Media Review

The industry of digital marketing has been one of the most beneficial ways to market products and services. Online marketing has quickly become the surefire way to get sales, clients, and traffic to your website.

One of the most accomplished young companies in digital marketing has been White Shark Media. It has been at the scene for only six years, but it has achieved things that few other companies have in that time frame. The agency became one of the 29 partners that Google Adwords has, it has been partnering up with companies from the ranks of Microsoft and Bing.

White Shark Media was created by a few Danish entrepreneurs who had high hopes and the drive to achieve their goals. The small team dived into the industry of digital media, and within the first year, White Shark Media was already in the spotlight.

One of the greatest achievements of the agency of White Shark Media is the fact that their very first client from 2006 is still using the services of the digital marketing agency. White Shark Media and the client have been growing together. The relationship that the digital agency establishes with its customers is evident in the thousands of testimonials that the clients have been leaving on the official website of the company.

White Shark Media provides their services to businesses from all industries. The characteristics that customers frequently mention in their reviews are the performance and friendly nature of the staff members.

Over the years White shark media has expanded significantly. Up to date, the company has more than 150 employees in a total of three countries and counting. There are a few offices in each country, and the company has been growing steadily. The founders of White Shark Media are three men that have been working together before they decide to venture into the depths of creating a business. At the position of CEO is Alexander Christian Nygart who has had years of experience in the area of entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder of a music company as well as another media company. He is seasoned sales expert as well.