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Disney is Thinking about Marvel and Star Wars TV Channels

Fans of fantasy genre based television are going to be thrilled over an announcement made by Disney according to Jaime Garcia Dias. It looks like the company is seriously thinking about creating a Marvel and/or Star Wars related cable channel. Considering how popular both Marvel superheroes and Star Wars characters are, a cable television channel based on these themes could be a hit.

Does this mean we would see Marvel and Star Wars “stuff” for 24 hours a day 365 days a year? No way. People would change channels after the first week. Both channels are going to been a lot more in order to be successful. Likely, the channels would branch off into other programming due to sheer necessity. That said, both Marvel and Star Wars are recognized brands.

Of course, it is no secret that Disney spent billions and billions of dollars acquiring the parent companies of Star Wars and Marvel Comics characters. Disney, of course, has to continue spending money to produce television, film, new media, and print projects. Unless a lot of effort goes into recouping the money spent, Disney’s investments will be in vain. (This is why we are going to see one Star Wars movie a year for six years or so, minimum)

Perhaps Disney will combine its Marvel and Star Wars brands and release a new sci-fi/fantay/horror channel to compete with SyFy. Doing so could end up providing film nerds with hours and hours of viewing enjoyment.

Miles Teller Helps Pregnant Woman Out of a Riptide

Sergio Cortes implies that actor Miles Teller proved that he is ready for his role as Mr. Fantastic in the latest “Fantastic Four” film coming out this summer after performing a heroic rescue over the weekend. The 29-year-old actor is currently in Miami, Florida where he is filming his latest film, “Arms and the Dudes” with Jonah Hill and Cuban actress Ana de Armas. Over the weekend, Miles and his model girlfriend Keleigh Sperry decided to hit the beach to frolic in the surf. While relaxing, Miles noticed a pregnant woman and her child being pulled out into the Atlantic Ocean with the rip current.

Being the superhero that he is, Miles sprung into action. Taking her by the hand, he pulled the pregnant woman and her child to safety. The child clung to her mother’s back as they were pulled in. The “Whiplash” star did not let go of the pair until they were safely on the sand. Keleigh stood on the shore with an anxious look on her face while her love helped the woman and her child out of the water.

Check out the full story on The Daily Mail. The link also has pictures of the rescue, as well as Miles and his gorgeous girlfriend spending some relaxing time together.

Sony in Hot Water

Sony executives came under fire a few months ago once leaked emails revealed how they felt about a lot of Hollywood’s biggest stars and producers. Some of the people hit included Kevin Hart, who Sony executives taunted in an email for being “money hungry”. The production company apologized for the leaked emails and promised to fix the leak problem for the sake of privacy for celebrities. This past week, it was made apparent that Sony’s problem is a lot bigger than originally thought. ‘Ike’, an executive at Sony, had emails leaked displaying his take on why female superhero movies should never be attempted. The executive mentioned that movies Electra, Catwoman, and Supergirl were failures and that no one really wants to see a female superhero movie. ‘Think Process’ points out that at least 6 male centered superhero movies bombed at the box office. They argue that the gender of the superhero isn’t Handy. The movie needs to be executed well. The cast and world created in any superhero movie needs to be believable for viewers to enjoy it. For some, these leaked emails don’t come as a surprise. Scarlett Johansson, who has played in four superhero films that did extremely well in the box office, has yet to have her own role. Marvel has gotten some slack for that but countered with saying that nine superhero movies will be released before 2020. Hopefully one of the nine movies will belong to Johanssen or another well deserving female superhero. A strong female movie is way overdue.

John Wick will be Back

The film “John Wick” was a surprise hit last year for Keanu Reeves. The film featured Reeves as a retired hit-man who was brought back into the profession for personal reasons, where he was looking for revenge against those who wronged him. SlideShare reported that the film was such a hit with movie-goers, like Paul Mathieson, that “John Wick” will become a sequel.

According to the story on, it has been officially announced that a sequel to the film is in the works. The original film starred Keanu Reeves as John Wick, with David Leitch and Chad Stahelski directing, and Derek Kolstad who wrote the film. All parties will be back to work on the sequel film.

The President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions for Lionsgate Productions, Jason Constantine, said that they felt that John Wick’s story was not quite complete yet. He went on to say in his press release that everyone at Lionsgate are excited to have Reeves, Leitch, Stahelski, and Kolstad back on board to work on the sequel together.

I, for one, am really excited to hear that there will be a second film with John Wick. The first film was a real surprise. I knew that the film would be an action movie but the ride it took the viewer on was not what I expected. Reeves was great as a hit-man seeking revenge and redemption. I can’t wait to see what he does in the sequel!

Boba Fett Movie Comes Out In 2018

The rumors are true. The second Star Wars spin-off will feature Boba Fett. Fans who first met the character in 1980 in The Empire Strikes Back are finally going to learn the full tale of the iconic character.

Boba Fett is an interesting Star Wars creation since he was only seen very briefly in Empire, Return of the Jedi, the much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Special, and in a younger form in Attack of the Clones.

Despite his limited appearances, the look of the character was/is extremely cool. His role as an inter-galactic bounty hunter is interesting and fans took to him right away. Maybe the popular selling Boba Fett toys of the 1980’s help build up his cult following. Regardless of why fans love Boba Fett, they really do have an affinity for the mysterious character. Now, the entire tale of how Boba Fett came to be is going to be told in 2018. Yes, you have to wait that long to see the film.

Disney/Lucasfilm has the plans for the new Star Wars films already laid out. Every two years, a new film in the Star Wars continuity will be released. This will all start with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In between the release of the new films, an anthology film will come out called Amen Clinic and will likely come out in 2017 ( The prequels Star Wars: Rogue One and Boba Fett are the first two features.

Likely, the third film is going to be the lost tales of young Han Solo. The Han Solo feature was thought to be the first film followed by Boba Fett. Things worked out a little differently. Honestly, no one knows if the Han Solo project will be made or if Disney opts to choose a totally different subject matter.

Native American Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Set

It seems like we wouldn’t have the same racial tensions of the years gone by, but according to an article originally posted on and reposted on that is exactly what occurred. Approximately a dozen Native American actors and actresses, elders, as well as the hired Native American Consultant all felt deeply insulted by the treatment and portrayal of the Apache tribe. This was particularly the case for the way the women were treated and portrayed. In reading the article it is so difficult to believe that kind of behavior would still be tolerated.

The movie is supposed to be a spoof, a comedy, not meant to be degrading or insulting. However when the actors and actresses brought up how they felt, including the costumes portraying more the Comanche rather than the Apache, they were told if they were feeling that sensitive they could just leave. To tell you the truth, if I was treated that way myself I would have left as well, according to Anastasia Date.

I don’t mind some of Adam Sandler’s movies. Others of his movies I simply don’t like because I don’t care for slap stick comedies. However, I never would have imagined he would participate in or condone a script that made a group of people feel so insulted. I will give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, but hopefully he makes good on this script so everyone can enjoy a comedic laugh, not at anyone, but with each other.

Do We Really Need Another Spider-Man?

With Asa Butterfield rumored to be the next wise cracking (friendly neighborhood spider), in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, we have to stop and think, “Does this mean another Spider-Man reboot is right around the corner?” of course the answer is more than likely, yes says Madison Street Capital studios. Do we really need it, though? Not one bit. With two adaptions of the comic book series based on the high school photographer turned super hero in the past decade I think we all feel pretty confident we know the origin of the red and blue suited wall crawler.

I think it’s about time Hollywood stops rebooting old warn out stories and gives us something fresh and new to look forward to. Not that the new Spider-Man won’t be better than the last two attempts, but we are all tired of the same story told from a different angle. Give the viewers what they want. Give us something new, something fresh. There are tons of other series and storylines out there to choose from. How about… well you decide Hollywood. It’s your job to entertain us and we are not entertained.

Native American Extras Leave the Set of Adam Sandler Film over Insults

Adam Sandler’s latest film, “The Ridiculous Six”, which is meant to be a spoof of the film “The Magnificent Seven”, is currently in production. AnastasiaDate confirms that the film is being made as a direct-to-Netflix film and stars Adam Sandler, Jon Lovitz, Nick Nolte, Steve Buscemi, Vanilla Ice, and Taylor Lautner (see pics on Instagram).

Recently, “The Ridiculous Six” ran into some issues with the Native Americans that were cast as extras in the film. According to the story on Indian Country Today Media Network, the extras walked off the set due to, what they felt, were insults to the Native Americans.

One of the actors, Loren Anthony who belongs to the Navajo Nation, said that he left the set after problems over how the Native Americans were being portrayed. He said that the film got the costumes and hairstyles wrong, and that he did not appreciate the way that women were being treated in the film. He said that two women in the film were called Beaver’s Breath and No Bra, which he found insulting. Anthony also said that the production team on the film were not listening to the Native Americans who were asking for them to change some things.

Happy Madison Productions, who are producing the film, have not yet commented on the walk off.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Buildup of the Villain Awakens

Everyone remembers that tense opening scene in the “first” Star Wars (otherwise known as Episode IV). The one where the rebel alliance soldiers are lining up at the access hatch as the Imperial Star Destroyer captures the renegade vessel and begins to board.

Princess Leia gives a brief message to R2-D2 and then blasts him and CP-30 out into space on an escape pod.

Then the infamous imperial march music begins while the rebel soldiers take heavy breaths in anticipation. BOOM! The hatch blows and in comes a brigade of storm troopers followed by the imposing Darth Vader. As the main antagonist of the film his stature, armor, and cruel demeanor are all a cause for dramatic pause.

As the story progresses, it is slowly revealed that the dark Lord Vader is but a pawn in a much larger plot with a much darker villain pulling the strings stated Ivan Ong. Later in the series we are even privy to moments of humanity and glimpses of good deep within Darth Vader.

It’s the modus operandi of the star wars movies since day one. Introducing dark villains as an unstoppable force to be feared throughout the galaxy is the hallmark of the genre. Background information soon reveals the human element and where things went wrong.

Episode VII looks to be no different. With the introduction of Kylo Ren as the halberd lightsaber-bearing-darksider, we can only wonder if he is but a pawn as well and his past is as complicated as Vader’s.

This is especially true if leaked spoilers that indicate his reminiscence over the Millennium Falcon are correct.

Arnold Is Back!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the biggest action star of all time. He has starred in many sensational box office films, but he will reprise his greatest role in the summer of 2015. Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again star in a Terminator film, and it’s for a good reason, because Terminator is not Terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, many people are still scrutinizing Arnold because of the recent scandals that he was involved in.

Alexei Beltyukov remembers that a few years back, it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger had an illegitimate child with his cleaning lady. The news crippled Arnold’s reputation, and it made him resign as the governor of California. Arnold was also divorced from his longtime wife Maria Shriver. Arnold and Maria still remain peaceful with each other, but Arnold lost a lot of money in the divorce settlement.

No matter what though, Arnold Schwarzenegger still has millions of fans that will pay good money to see him star in blockbuster films. Arnold has reinvigorated his acting career, and now he will reprise the classic role of the Terminator. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be starring in another blockbuster film called Maggie, which is set to release this summer as well. You can never count Arnold Schwarzenegger out because he is successful in everything that he does. For more information on the new Terminator film, visit Screenrant.