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How David McDonald Of OSI Group Promotes Green Practices And Sustainability

David McDonald began his career at Chicago-based OSI Group right out of college in 1987. He worked his way up the ladder and a number of years ago he became the president and chief operating officer. He also serves on the North American Meat Institute’s board of directors.

Because of these roles he has deep insight into the global consumption of proteins and what the ongoing trends are. He recently attended Swine Day which is an educational event that is held each year at Iowa State University. This educational event brings in over 450 attendees from across the nation each year. During David McDonald’s presentation he talked about where the global food industry is headed.

OSI Group’s presence in Europe has been a big focus for David McDonald for the past few years. One issue his company had was that there has been growing demand for chicken in Portugal and Spain for the past decade with that demand beginning to accelerate over the past two years. His company’s processing facility in Spain couldn’t keep up with this demand and so needed to be upgraded. He authorized greatly expanding this facility’s processing capabilities while also making a number of other improvements such as building a new kitchen where they can test out new recipes for their clients. After this expansion was completed it can now process 24,000 tons of chicken each year while before it could only do 12,000 tons.

Green practices and sustainability are two things that are considered to be critical at OSI Group. During the upgrade of the Spanish facility David McDonald made sure that these issues were addressed. Even though the production facility was upgraded with new equipment its energy consumption fell by 20% as new equipment was installed which is much more efficient, for instance. David McDonald also made sure that a system was put in place which recovers waste heat. Because of the focus on sustainability and green practices the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund kicked in some money to complete this project. This expansion also resulted in additional jobs being created at this plant which resulted in the Chamber of Commerce giving it an award.

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A Review Of Sean Penn’s Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Bob Hone Who Just Do Stuff is Hollywood famous actor, writer and director’s newest creation. He took a break from his typical medium of writing screenplays to write his debut novel that has captured the entire world. The novel is much different from what is normally on the bookshelf and changes the perspective of how readers can view the current state of the world.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was first released as an audiobook. Back in 2016, the author used Pappy Pariah as an pseudonym Pappy Pariah. The slim audiobook is now a full length novel combined of chapters and poetry that express similarities to today’s world. The text of the novel features presidential references and mentions Russian involvement in U.S. political elections. The setting of the novel takes place in a world of dystopian chaos. References to politics also include a scene at the Republican National Convention. The novel even offers the tale of a gathering between the story’s main character Bob Honey and a character that resembled closely in description to drug lord El Chapo. This scene does not come by surprise since Sean Penn once interviewed the infamous kingpin.

Bob Honey favors his creator. Bob Honey is a baby boomer like his author. The author’s own personal emotions can be felt coming through the character. Bob Honey the mouthpiece for his author is giving a response heard loudly and felt strongly to the world through this interesting character. Bob Honey works a few different jobs here and there. But mainly he works for government murdering people. His deadly job differs wildly from his desire to be a social person. He is a wise and prophetic individual giving readers an interesting viewpoint of today’s society from the adventures he has through Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


It is not just politics Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff speaks on, the novel also talks about real life events like the mass shooting in Las Vega, Yemen, North Korea, civil wars happening around the world and the #MeToo Movement. The novel has an ample dose of vocabulary that causes readers to notice’s the author’s talent in creating beautiful prose while highlighting the not so beautiful events happening around the world.

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb Says Surgeons and Fund Managers Are Alike

To Dr. Jacob Gottlieb, physicians and stock managers love taking risks.

In the fields of medicine and economics, Dr. Jacob Gottlieb MD, CFA, PRMIA has truly excelled. Rising to prominence through an illustrious education and natural propensity, Gottlieb would eventually go on to act as CIO for Visium Asset Management, formerly an $8 billion healthcare hedge fund.

Gottlieb’s investment prowess became evident when he was in the 7th grade. Upon placing first in a stock selection contest, Gottlieb’s father, Max, opened an investment trading account for his young financial guru.

Just like his father, a PHD economics professor at City University of New York and his mother, a successful pediatrician, Gottlieb practically inherited his passion for the pursuit of both disciplines. After completing high school, he was accepted to Brown University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in economics. Wanting to further his education and take advantage of his medical interest, he then completed the Doctor of Medicine Program at the New York University School of Medicine.

However, shortly after finishing an internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital, he ultimately decided on a career in finances as opposed to medicine, although the business side of healthcare would highlight his notoriety.

Dr. Gottlieb officially began his trading career in 1998 as a buy-side deal analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, researching global healthcare markets.

After a short stint at healthcare portfolio company Merlin Biomed Group, Gottlieb became top portfolio manager at Balyasny Asset Management.

His drive, experience and fortitude lead him to found Visium Asset Management in 2005, which at its peak had an $8 billion valuation and had 170 employees under its umbrella.

Outside of his work on Wall Street, Gottlieb is active in several New York area nonprofits including the Covenant House, an international organization protecting endangered youths through crisis care, healthcare, education, job skills training, drug abuse treatment and other preventative programs.


Dr. Mark McKenna Takes A Risk And Ventures Into Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mark McKenna is an independent-minded doctor and the founder of OVME, a creation that is meant to focus on incorporating technology into medical aesthetics. With his over 20years of experience and strong campaign on minimally invasive surgeries, he has been able to build trust with his former and current clients who come to OVME. In an interview with the Forbes, he said that he had not spotted any international competition handling their business as well as they did at OVME and his competition would only come from an established professional in the local market.

The Tulane School of Medicine graduate chose business over his medical career in 1999 when he built a real estate company. Dr. Mark McKenna did physicals on prisoners for $50 while still a student and raised enough money to invest in real estate. In 2005, Hurricane Catrina overwhelmed the business that was worth $5 Million making up to $500,000 annually. He tried to rebuild but realized it was pointless, so he dissolved it and moved to Atlanta.

He told Forbes that he wanted to build a brand in an industry that was considered broken. He added that Botox was well recognized but lacked specialists that people could trust all through the country.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has built a modern facility clinic that is Seated on 1500sq feet and is excited to introduce his new ideas to the venture. He has worked on getting a mid-level team that is willing to carry out the procedures from plastic surgery institutional meetings and medical trade shows. Together with his team, OVME is focused on giving clients customized and distinctive services. Their priority is recreating their patients’ health and confidence in their bodies..

Ryan Seacrest, the Slim and Handsome Face of TV

Today’s Ryan Seacrest is almost unrecognizable when compared to pictures of the cute chunky kid who grew up in Dunwoody, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. Everyone that has watched Ryan Seacrest emcee on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve or American Idol has seen a slender confident handsome man who doesn’t appear to struggle with his weight. However, Ryan Seacrest recently opened up to reveal his struggle with staying slender and not returning to his once plump physique.

The 38 year old Seacrest has adopted the tools that keep him fit and able to fight off the destructive forces of stress. It’s a struggle for Seacrest to schedule and fit in a workout, so when he sets one up, it is not cancelled for anything. While Seacrest is in action during a TV or radio announcing set, he may take a commercial break to exercise. He’ll simply get on the floor and do pushups or lift weights.

When he’s working at several locations, he doesn’t worry about racing across town to make a workout session, he actually keeps a change of clothes at strategically placed hotels where he keeps lockers for his convenience. With his workout gear close by and a 45 minute break , he can go to a nearby gym and get the workout he needs to fight the bulge; and because of the proximity to work, he can immediately proceed to his next gig.

Unfortunately for all his success, Seacrest, the owner of Distinction, is a food lover. He loves to eat, so he has to balance that out with one hour workouts five days a week. Some weeks, he only gets four hours to workout. On the weekends, he spends 15 to 20 minutes in the pool swimming. When he spends some time with a trainer, he prefers to break a sweat quickly doing circuit training and core workouts.

When he’s on his own Seacrest enjoys running, biking and yoga. His back is a little stiff, so yoga positions are difficult for him to achieve. He hurt his knee in the snow recently, so he has postponed his running and substituted stationery biking. He realizes, he’s getting older, because his body cannot take the same abuses and he can feel them for longer periods of time. Still, he relies on exercise to keep his body in motion while he maintains a very active and productive career. Twitter: @RyanSeacrest

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Jason Hope Is Aiding The Fight Against Aging

As someone who is passionate about the future and helping mankind live longer and happier lives, Jason Hope is supporting causes he believes in to achieve this. The future has an abundant amount of possibilities when it comes to the healthcare industry and with the aid of the upmost advanced technology, these possibilities are coming sooner than ever.

There is one organization that Jason Hope is particularly passionate about and it is called the SENS Foundation. The non-profit organization was founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, who is also the Chief Science Officer, in March of 2009. It is heavily focused on the science and research of anti-aging. Mr. Hope is so supportive of the SENS Foundation that he donated a whopping $500,000 dollars to it in 2010. The chief Executive Officer of The SENS Foundation, Mike Kope, said Jason’s donation was of the upmost importance and will help accelerate this research to help the aging community with the diseases that inflict them. These include high blood pressure, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and arthritis. Jason Hope fully supports its mission and Dr. Aubrey de Grey in what he has to offer for human race. Most doctors focus on helping patients deal with the aftermath of age related diseases but truly believes we must take a different approach to it, primarily to focus on prevention. They will be able to address these diseases and issues on a cellular level. The SENS Foundation also focus on raising awareness to talking to donors, influencers, politicians, and volunteers to help spread the message and education of this matter. Dr. Aubrey de Grey attended the University of Cambridge where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. Soon after he studied artificial intelligence at the Sinclair Research firm. The future doctor would continue his education at the University of Cambridge to earn his Ph.D in Biology. He had a strong compassionate heart towards humanity and wanted to help in the anti-aging field, so getting a proper education was of upmost importance.

Jason Hope sits on a number of advisory roles including as Director at the Arizona Science Center. As a proud Arizona resident Jason was born and raised there. As a proud Arizona resident, Jason Hope has no plans of leaving his beloved state. The successful entrepreneur continues to strive towards making the world a better place with a little hard work, knowledge, and skill. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

MB2 Dental is a place that is known for all of the encouragement

MB2 Dental is a dental practice management company that is located in Texas. It was founded in 2007 and has nearly 5,000 employees. This company has become more than just an ordinary for employees to earn a living. This company quickly became a safe place for many doctors to be able to feel the support and motivation they need in their careers.

MB2 Dental is a place that is known for all of the encouragement and the motivations that are given to the doctors. They are constantly fighting and advocating for them, and making sure that they are not settling for any less than what they deserve. hey are on a mission to prove to the world that dentists can offer so much more than just oral hygiene. MB2 Dental makes sure that dentists are receiving the necessary support and guidance in their career. At MB2 Dental, they help doctors start their own business ventures and help them get started. Fir example, they are known to help out in the following areas: Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Development and Support Training all of which are crucial when starting off a practice on your own. MB2 Dental has given many the opportunity hat they have been waiting for for many years. This safe place has encouraged any doctors and dentists become successful and reach their highest potential in life.

There are training available that help them improve and move forward in their career branch. MB2 Dental is a special place that has allowed many to grow and continue to grow in this field of study.

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Mina Ebrahimi: From A Lunch Distributor To Founding The Best Catering Company

Mina Ebrahimi has proved her entrepreneurial skills by turning her cooking passion into a booming stateside catering company. Within the last two decades, Mina has overcome several hurdles to establishing the biggest catering company in Northern Virginia. This has earned her numerous recognitions and awards including featuring in the prestigious annual 40 women under 40 list. She has also been hailed for her role in uplifting women in her all women-led organization. But where did it all start?

Starting St. Germaine catering company

Mina Ebrahimi nurtured her cooking passion while working at her family-owned bakery business. She would, however, leave the family business in 1998 and dip her feet into the catering world. She started off by supplying homemade and packed lunch to busy executives and other professionals to their workplace. The business did quite well that she decided to open a new larger leaf by providing catering service to corporate meetings, luncheons, and any other business events.

Her outgoing personality, strong business skills and knowledge of the different cuisines consumed in the country played a key role in the fast expansion of her business. She, therefore, sought out more business opportunities and customizes products of their liking. In a few years, she merged the corporate and social world and was now providing catering services to both the business-related events as well as weddings, birthdays and related social gatherings.

Fast forward

In the less than two decades that St. Germaine catering company has been in operation, it has managed to surpass existing food companies in terms of operations and quality of food. It has also flourished into becoming a market leader in the hospitality industry. Year after year, Mina’s catering company has emerged the top caterer in North Virginia. It has also broadened operations and capacity to ensure that it can host any type of event regardless of the number of attendees or their food requirements.

About Mina Ebrahimi

Mina is an accomplished food entrepreneur with deep that specializes in delivering different food tastes from any part of the world alive in her delicacies. Born to Iranian immigrant parents, Mina often mentions that her company has helped her live the American dream that her parents desired for her. Today, Mina and her team provide catering services to more than 200 events across the state and beyond every day.

The flourishing journey of OSI Group.

OSI Group is a company specialised in the foodstuff supply. It started small as a family business and through a lot of work done it has grown to be a globally recognised company with branches in many countries. It rose from a corner butcher shop to a multinational food provider especially due to the evolving to fit the changing economy.

Relocating to the United States was the start of the small retail shop which expanded to a wholesale shop to supply meat to the community. It grew, and after a decade it followed the storyline of family-business and was rebranded, Otto and Sons. The buying of McDonald restaurant led to a shift as it was the start of drastic growth of OSI Group. It grew consistently driving to the company to divert its concentration to manufacturing in order suite the growing demand of the restaurant.

The consistency led to the hotel having many branches. OSI Group grew to gain a broader market which resulted in its recognition as the largest private food production company. Many countries came to work with the company as branches were opened in the places. Therefore, the company grew to an international company. One of the nations that had branches was China which has a consistent and rapidly growing market. Therefore the food manufacturing and supply-demand and the growing market.

Some few years back China negotiated to enter as a member of the World Trade Organization. The step was of impact even for OSI as the market grew to better. It is mostly because of the drastic-growing economy that would increase the market due to increased demand.

Another factor that has led to the flourishing of OSI Group is the partnership and collaboration with various companies and countries as well. For instance, it created an alliance with the United States to collaborate in the production of new foodstuff. It is evident from the signed documentation to work with Nation Pizza and Foods. Therefore, the market grew further as the consistently led to the creation of new line production.

OSI Group changed to a corporate leading to growth. Its constituency has led to the acquisition of many products under it. It has grown to not only produce meat but other meat products as well. Moreover, it has many companies working under it and has a partnership with many processing plants. The ability to have good corporative skills and good workers as well as transparency has facilitated the growth of the company. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Write About the Fagali Airport or Island

Guests and their families who are wanting to take a vacation, but do not want to travel too far from home will find the Samoan Islands are a great choice. The guests will fly in the the Fagali Airport and can start their adventure the minute exit the plane. The local cities are filled with history and fun activities everyone will enjoy.

The Fagali Airport reopened its doors in 2009. The Fagali airport is on the second largest of the Samoan islands, located of the coast of Upolu. The city itself has estimated 36,000 residents. It is currently just outside the city of Apia, which is the capital of Samoa. The airport services several airlines including Ploynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. Samoa Air has weekly flights for the public between the Samoan Islands. Samoa Air also services flights to Pago Pago.

Guests can easily purchase a flight to Fagali Airport on the Samoan islands through several different travelers websites or by calling the airlines directly. If the guest chooses to use a travelers website to purchase the airline tickets, they could potentially purchase other tickets for attractions to visit.

Guests will find there are many luxurious hotels and resorts within a short distance of the airport. Many of the hotels offer a swimming pool and hot tub. The large private bathrooms are perfect to relax in after a day of traveling. The guests can adjust the air conditioner to the temperature they are most comfortable with. And they have the option to use the room service provided. The customer service representatives through the hotels have access to local cab companies, and other resources that will help customers with their traveling needs.

Guests and their families will find flying into the local airport to vacation on the Samoan Islands to be an experience of a lifetime. Guests can find all sorts of family oriented activities as well as activities they can enjoy with their significant other. If guests have questions when making the reservations, they are welcome to call the customer service number provided on the website.

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