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Testing out Wen by Chaz

When it comes to high profile haircare products, it is hard to get any higher than Wen by Chaz. With WEN Hair, individuals receive a top of the line product, yet it is not something available in stores. It can only be purchased directly through the sephora website, and this comes with a subscription (although the subscription can be cancelled at any time). For someone who is interested in the product, it is important to know how it is going to affect their hair and what all it takes to receive the quality hair after finishing using the product. All of this is important as it is not the cheapest product on the market. So, knowing how it is going to interact with someone and their hair is vital.

First of all, it is very important for anyone considering using Wen hair to understand it is going to not be a shampoo. This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have with the product. For whatever reason, people purchase WEN Hair from Amazon and immediately assume it is going to be the shampoo. The fact of the matter is, it is not a shampoo but a conditioner. It is designed to inject hair with large amounts of vitamins and minerals hair requires to grow strong and to become fuller and thicker. The shampoo is designed more for removing oil and other buildup found in the hair. That is why anyone who is looking for the product needs to still use their own shampoos while using Wen by Chaz.

WEN Hair is especially thick, but as long as someone spends the necessary time removing the conditioner from the hair and rinsing it out, they should have no problem and will enjoy a fuller, thicker head of hair whenever they rinse out.


The Rise and Fall of Kyle Bass and his Investment Strategies

Kyle Bass is widely known as the guy who made one good financial move and later his career took a nose dive. Back in 2006, the confident Bass made a fortune by correctly predicting a crash in the subprime mortgage sector. His prediction saw him make almost $500 million.

Series of Bad Moves

However since then, Bass has been unable to repeat this feat and is today seen as one of the most unethical investors in the financial markets. After his subprime mortgage success, Bass later predicted the economic crash of Japan and Greece by 2012, with other countries following suit in the next coming years. However, this never came to pass and by 2016, he had come up with another unscrupulous method of turning profit.

Cashing in on Pharmaceutical Companies

UsefulStooges were first to report that Kyle Bass formed the Coalition for Affordable Drugs in order to fight various patent rights of selected pharmaceutical companies. He joined forces with infamous patent troll, Erich Spangenberg, to legally challenge selected patents while at the same time short selling the shares of the pharmaceutical firm. Their primary aim was to devalue the company shares and make a huge profit from their short sale. This created an uproar from the healthcare industry and initiated senate reforms to close loopholes used in patent challenges.

Support for the Ruling Argentine Government and General Motors

Bass has shown immense public support for embattled Argentinian ruler, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, despite her failing economic policies and tarnished reputation. In addition, in a bid to protect his investment in General Motors, he went on air to protect the position of the firm on the matter of faulty products released to the market. Although the company was accused of knowingly releasing faulty cars that killed people, Bass was adamant that it was the fault of the victims who either refused to wear seat belts or drove while intoxicated.

About Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is the founder and owner of Hayman Capital Management. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas and was established as a hedge fund in 2005. Since its inception, Bass has worked hard to ensure the growth and profitability of the firm. In 2006, Bass became convinced that the real estate market in the United States was going to end up in crisis. As a result, he successfully bet and profited from the eventual subprime mortgage crisis and made nearly half a billion dollars.

Bass was born in Miami, Florida, in 1969. His father worked at the Fontainebleau Hotel as its manager. However, he later moved the family to Dallas, Texas where Bass grew up. After high school, the athletic Bass got an academic and diving scholarship to attend Texas Christian University. He later graduated in 1992 with a Business Administration degree in finance together with Real Estate Finance. Before starting his hedge fund, Bass worked for Prudential Securities, Bear Stearns and Legg Mason.

George Soros – Market Predictions

Billionaire George Soros warns the economic forum in Sri Lanka that international markets are facing a crisis and should take caution with investments and money markets. Countries, such as China, are struggling to find a model of new growth. Without new growth, it trickles down to the economic crisis handed to the rest of the world. The ultimate goal would be to return the interest rates to a positive standing, however, that is hard to do right now with the way the developing world is as well as the current environmental similarities compared to 2008.

The first week of the new year lead to global currency and stocks taking a negative impact in the commodity markets. China’s economy continues to take a plunge from investments and manufacturing services which is an added major concern for the communities as well as the government officials. Approximately $2.5 trillion was demolished from the value of global monies. Asia also experienced losses that reduced and stopped trading commodities for the rest of the day on Thursday. 

George Soros feels that China has a major investment problem and that because of that, they are facing a crisis in the financial markets. It will pose a serious challenge when it comes to building and rebuilding certain global strategies. The crisis, Soros feels, is similar to what they faced in 2008. He warned of the same crisis happening in 2008, happening now, and wants to evaluate the markets and ensure that they can overcome some of the negative impacts that have caused such an outbreak.

Soros has an estimated net worth of $27.3 billion on, and is responsible for a 20 percent increase of income from 1969-2011. His hedge-fund firm has gained funds through proper investments and economic positive decision. His career began in the 1950s and his reputation continued to increase throughout the years with his investing powers.

China’s economy seems to be suffering with the economic loss of funds, however, China’s Communist Party has agreed to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020. Weakness in the world’s second-largest economy remains a problem for the world, as certain business practices as well as outcomes filter through the rest of the world. George Soros feels that the economic costs and decline can be salvaged, but it will take a lot to overcome the necessary work needed to perform such services. The sluggish manufacturing issues are at hand hard not to blame, but should be increased over time and allowed to raise their trading throughout the rest of the world. Interest rates in China have also been cut which has increased the government funding that needed to be placed in the economy. Soros predictions are valued and his suggestions are taken into great consideration. For more information on the article, click here.

Ricardo Guimarães Has Moved Banco BMG Into the Future

He is Flavio Pentagma Guimarães’ son, with the cajones to grow the family banking business in daring and innovative ways, the same way his father built wealth with investments in agriculture when he started Land Credit Bank nearly a century ago, in 1930. Born into a wealthy family, though Ricardo Guimarães is grandson of the renowned Antônio Mourão Guimarães, he still worked diligently to make his own brilliant mark and grow Banco BMG into one of the biggest banks in South America.

In 1998, Ricardo Guimarães took the bank in a new direction with consigned credit monitoring. It was a risk that turned into a triumph leading the bank to become the National Loans leader in Brazil. His family’s involvement in the financial sector stretch back through decade after decade of change, which in the last 20 years Mr. Guimarães has navigated with honors. When local business people need guidance in the best types and amounts of investments, they turn to Banco BMG to receive expert, experienced, and most importantly, advice with integrity. Mr. Guimarães has become famous for his business acumen and long sight for the need to both create and accept innovations in every sector of every market.

Banco BMG operates at peak efficiency with professional consultants distributed throughout the country. The primary focus is low interest credit for clients that are low risks to default. The risk paid off for his bank and for the whole industry. Read more about the life of Ricardo Guimarães.

Another big play for Ricardo Guimarães has been in offering various soccer teams and specific athletes special support. In fact, the biggest sports sponsor company in Brazil is Banco BMG. It shows in the bright beautiful “BMG” lettering on the club uniforms of the team he owns and manages: Clube Atlético Mineiro. Mr. Guimarães has made it clear that the bank is not partial to any particular team’s players, but actually support all the players who they see as most important in coming seasons. Sometimes the bank supports players from rival teams. It is all for the love of sport that Mr. Guimarães spends so much on his favorite sport.

Yeonmi Park and Her Story

Yeonmi Park is really two different people. First, she is the author of In Order To Live an unimaginable tale of her life and escape from North Korea. The other person is Yeonmi Park the speaker, writer, and human rights activist. But what is her book about? This book is very important because it is the psychological foundation that Park built for herself that eventually molded her into the woman she is today a global activist, a fighter for human rights, speaker, and author.

Being a citizen of a western society it is almost impossible to understand the living conditions or mental state needed to live in a politically oppressive society like North Korea. Countries like North Korea are not just different from other societies they are equivalent to actually living inside of a horror movie. In her Amazon released book Miss Yeonmi Park tells how she grew up in a very close-knit family in an extremely brutal society. Because of constant shortages of everything including food her father became involved in trading on the black market until he was caught and imprisoned. As a consequence, the rest of the family were also branded as enemies of the state, criminals and were forced to live on the edges of this repressive and impoverished nation. Living there eventually became impossible and with the help of human traffickers, they were smuggled into China. Once there, they were betrayed and sold into sexual slavery. They were then forced to deal with unimaginable psychological and physical hardships until they were able to escape and finally make their way to Seoul, South Korea.

Since escaping from North Korea and China Yeonmi Park has written and spoken extensively about her life in North Korea. She has written for the Washington Post and been interviewed by many media publications including The Guardian about her experiences. She has also been overwhelmed with press requests and talks on The Reason including an extensive TEDx summit taping. Part of this notoriety is due to the unbelievable reality of regimes like North Koreas. There is nothing even faintly resembling the North Korean state. She has also worked as a co-host for a podcast show North Korea Today which discusses the lives of refugees after their escape from North Korea


iFunding and William Skelley’s Professional Background

William Skelley before venturing into the iFunding platform worked at Rose Park Advisors as a Principal. Rose Park Advisors is an investment firm which is based in Boston MA. They identify investment opportunities by applying a specific framework known as disruptive innovation.

The founder of the company is Clayton Christensen who has has the view that most startups that grow into global giants are all built around innovations that either create whole new market segments or completely reshape existing ones. William Skelley having worked here from July 2011 to July 2012 got an insight into investment opportunities which set the foundations for his project at iFunding. This part of his experience was necessary to allow for the vision that is iFunding. As well as being fluent in both Spanish and English he has a number of specializations which include alternative investments, asset management, investor relations, fundraising, new business development, start ups, technology, real estate, venture capital, investment banking and crowdsourcing. All these separate skills have been pivotal to making iFunding the success it currently is.

The iFunding platform allows family offices to get access to leading tools that allow the real estate investing efficiently transacted, profitable, well researched and custom targeted. The real estate market has never been this attractive and using the crowdfunding platform is an industry first. The iFunding innovations has been featured in several popular articles including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Real Estate Weekly, the New York Times and the Real Deal. All the customer has to do in order to get started is sign up for a free account and then begin browsing through all commercial real estate deals. This iFunding platform allows you to do your due diligence process from the comfort of your home or office. As well as providing all the other pre-screening of real estate that is necessary to ensure that the risk of investment remains very low, iFunding monitors all the progress of each investment in order to provide the client with in-depth feedback. The team at iFunding will be able to answer all questions as well as give the customer any documentation they require.  Check out what Skelley and iFunding continue doing on Facebook.

George Soros and Others Add $15 Million To Beat the Republican Candidate.


In an effort to spur more Latino voters away from the Republicans and entice voters to support the Democratic candidates in November, George Soros and other Democratic supporters are bankrolling a new $15 million campaign to try and entice immigrant voters to support their Democratic political choices as presidential candidates

George Soros has already contributed $6 million in December to Priorities USA Action. The organization is part of a “super PAC” which supports Hillary Clinton’s bid for candidacy. In the previous election when Hillary campaigned for office against Barrack Hussein Obama, Soros had donated $8 million to support Hillary’s campaign. Soros is loyal to the Democratic party with reported contributions of $18.5 million to Democratic outside groups to defeat George W. Bush. That donation apparently did not have the influence expected. Soros’ earlier attempts to sway the Republican vote also failed to divert George W. Bush for a second term in the White House.

Lack of the wanted results of other donations will not detour the push to hold the White House close to the heart of the Democratic Party in the 2016 election. Not everyone holds Donald Trump’s feet to the flame for his rhetoric and unpresidential approach to the becoming the candidate to represent the Republican Party. This election campaign season has turned the rhetoric style of campaigning topsy-turvy and has created much chatter in the news over the past few weeks. It is noted that Donald Trump has an obviously different approach to handling ISIS, negotiations, and threats to America. Time will tell if money talks loud and clear for everyone to hear.

Bernie Sanders appears to hold his own running against Hillary Clinton and Hillary has her plate full with the FBI investigations continuing during this busy time of the campaign. It is hopeful that this influx of campaign money will enlighten and influence voters whether they are Latino voters or any other nationality.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have influence over the voters in the Democratic Party, but they are hoping to sway dissatisfied voters, Independents and others teetering on the edge of decision and convince them to vote for the Democratic candidate.

Other major donors to the Democratic campaign are Haim Saban and his wife; Cheryl Saban donated $3 million, and Herb Sandler and Donald Sussman each donated $1.5 million. Additional donations totaling $1.5 million was received from the union-affiliated super PAC Working for Working Americans.

The waiting and the suspense is keeping voters on the edge of their seats while the primary election is still in motion. Only time will tell if donations and campaigning influences and sways voters everywhere.

Profile of BMG

Banco BMG is a bank that has a long history in Brazil since 1930. This bank is ran by the Guimaraes family and Ricardo Guimaraes is the current president. Under Guimaraes’s leadership the bank went from offering mostly wholesale and consumer financing to now focusing heavily on payroll loans. In a payroll loan, employers obtain financing from banks such as Banco BMG and the employers repay the loans by deducting money from employees’ checks. In the early years Banco BMG started out as a bank for retailers and by the 1970s, the bank financed vehicles. By the 1990s, Banco BMG starts to offer nearly exclusively payroll loans while focusing less on consumer financing and vehicles.

Banco BMG’s Partnership With Unibanco

Recently Banco BMG formed a partnership with Itau Unibanco at a value of $1 billion dollars to boost BMG’s ability to offer more payroll loans to customers. The majority of the partnership will be mostly operated by Itau Unibanco and Unibanco will hire most of the managers to head the venture. One benefit of the partnership ia that Unibanco will provide funds to Banco BMG for the purpose of giving out payroll loans.

BMG’s Sports Partnerships

Banco BMG also sponsors a few sports teams and the majority of those teams are in the sport of soccer. Soccer is a huge deal in Brazil and it is only natural that banks such as BMG would be interested in increasing revenue by sponsoring these teams. Sponsorship of teams is a strategic way for banks to make money and it diversifies the kinds of services that a bank would offer.

Some Notes on Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Guimaraes is the president of Banco BMG and he is influential in the direction of the company. He is related to the powerful Guuimaraes family who started Banco BMG in 1930. He was instrumental in getting the bank involved in sports team sponsorship.

BMG Card

Those who bank with Banco BMG have the option of using the BMG card. This card offers decent interest rates and you can use it to shop or pay bills online. Since the BMG card is affiliated with Mastercard, this card will be accepted at any outlet that accepts Mastercard. This card also comes with card protection against identity theft.

In conclusion, Banco BMG is an innovative bank that is one of the most successful in Brazil. Banco BMG made a smart move by cashing in on the payroll loan trend in Latin America and focusing mainly on this kind of lending. Thanks to the leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes, Banco BMG is involved in other ventures including sports team sponsorships. Banco BMG is a bank that understands finance trends and seeks to capitalize on them for revenue.

Geoge Soros Points Out that the Changing Financial Structure Appears Similar to the Crisis in 2008

Bloomberg Business reports on the latest happenings on Wall Street and around the world, and George Soros is a $28 billion hedge fund investment mogul who has been active in the market for over 50 years. He claims that his firm gained 20 percent every year from 1969 to 2011 under his leadership. He first discovered he had a talent for investments in the 1950s, and it was soon discovered afterwards that people began to follow his financial advice, and he gained a stellar reputation. Mr. Soros watched the 2008 crisis come and go, and today he says that he is seeing some of the same characteristics in the global market.

Other experts say that the market is not that affected and has not gone that far yet, but Soros’s prediction are something to watch. In any case, if you are an investor or are planning to invest in the near future, here are five points to consider from Mr. George Soros.

1) The value of the yen is decreasing, and this currency is utilized over much of Asia including China.
2) Prices of gold have hit an all-time high at over $1,100. Gold is not the standard for American currency today.
3) The Chinese trade market has come to a halt twice in the past week, and Soros attributes that to China’s changing economy from investment and manufacturing to consumption and services. Over $2.5 trillion was lost in China this year.
4) The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, which has become known as the fear gauge or the VIX, is up 13 percent.
5) The Merrill Lynch index of expected price changes in Treasury Bonds has risen almost six percent this year. Merrill Lynch is one of the largest investment firms in the country.

This is only the beginning of 2016, and Standard and Poor’s 500 index hit an all-time four-day low. This drop considered the declining yen in China and the rising gold market. Soros reports that he believes that this is an indicator that there is more trouble to occur in the near future. There has been a slide all over the globe, not to mention the Dow Jones Industrial Average here in the U.S., which wiped away 900 points.

If Soros is right in his prediction, then America would do well to take heed and begin some countermeasures to prevent a recurring of 2008. Before there are any more signs that indicate another crisis is on the horizon, it would be wise to consider the numbers that have already been revealed. Georg Soros is experienced and skilled in the area of financial investments and gauging the stock market, so his perspective is carrying weight among financial leaders.

CCMP Capital – Successful Private Equity Investment Firm

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a successful private equity firm that is globally known. They specialize in buyout and growth equity transactions and have invested over $16 billion. Since 1984 they have been conducting business and focusing on four different areas of expertise. Those targeted areas are consumer/retail, industrial, healthcare and chemical/energy type of businesses. They are known for the expertise in the industry as well as their operating resources, which is where their strengths hold steady. CCMP Capital, and it’s team of executives exhibits exceptional strength, expertise and their reputation is impeccable as they have been labeled as a world-class investment partner in the industry of investments.

Stephen Murray was president and the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. He was responsible for overseeing the day to day structures and business transactions, and brought many years of experience to the industry. He attended Boston College and graduated with his degree in economics. After received his Bachelor’s degree, he decided to get his Master’s degree in business administration. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in 1984 and his Master’s in 1989. His career in the financial investment companies began in 1984 when he started working for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in their credit analysts training program. He then joined MH Equity Corporation in 1989. The two Corporations then joined together until Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanovers in 1991. At that point, MH Equity was combined with Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996. Chemical Venture Partners eventually became Chase Capital Partners and in 2005 Murray became head over the business and they eventually combined into JP Morgan Partners. CCMP Capital is a spin-off of JP Morgan Chase. Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and was named the CEO in 2007.

Murray also was part of the board of some of the most major companies such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s and Pinnacle Foods are just to name a few. He was a private investment equity investor as well as a philanthropist at heart. He was part of the Make A Wish Foundation and participated at Boston College as well as the Food Bank. He continued to be part of the board of trustees at the Boston College. Murray sadly passed away in March of 2015. He will be remembered for his hard work and efforts that were portrayed with the success of CCMP Capital.

CCMP stands to reflect the history of how it was created. It stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. CCMP announced that they would act as an independent firm in 20016 and they take pride and ownership in their executive team of experts who know the industry very well and understand how to effectively execute financial decisions.