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Spider-Man Tangled in Own Web

Of all the super heroes hitting the big screen, the one with the biggest question marks on the future is one of the most bankable in history. Spider-Man has a murky future in the world of cinema thanks to an underperforming second movie in a rebooted series. While his other Marvel friends are busy jet setting around the cosmos and time traveling, the so-called Amazing Spider-Man is somewhere in the delayed project line.

According to Screen Rant, Sony and Disney, the owners of Marvel, are making arrangements to have Spidey pop up in the Avengers franchise, and while that is good news the actual future of the Spider-Man franchise is something of a question mark. Nobody seems sure if Andrew Garfield will return, and nobody seems convinced a series of movies starring villains will ever take off. All things considered, things are tangled in a web right now, and it might take some time for everything to break free.

Some fans like John Textor and analysts are calling for Sony to sell the rights to the character back to Marvel, where another reboot with a new actor and no ties to the previous films would hopefully kick start another run at the box office. In addition, a sale would allow Spider-Man, one of the most adored Marvel characters, to pop in and out of the cinematic universe with little effect on any other projects. As of right now, it is hard to say what will happen.

Third Apes Movie Pushed Back

Studios often reshuffle the release dates of films for a variety of reasons. The problem is that when schedules are released two or three years ahead of time, just about any minor setback can produce something a traffic jam for the production. However, when movies get pushed back studios generally cite a specific reason, and news focusing on the final installment of the “Planet of the Apes” reboot is not exactly thrilling to fans.

According to Screen Rant, the third film in the Planet of the Apes franchise has been pushed to summer of 2017, which is an entire year away from the original 2016 release dates. A few months is one thing, but an entire year could spell trouble for the movie. Since no reason other than more time was given for the schedule bump, some fans will do doubt be feeling a little uneasy. However, the volume of computer animation and technical polish the film likely requires takes a certain amount of time to complete, and Dr. Rod Rohrich hopes it’s more an issue of polishing, than anything else.

That being said, it is always hard to say what kind of film fans will get after the delay. The second film went on to gross about $700 million globally, which means expectations for the third film are high. The really good news could be that the entire story is being overhauled to allow for more than three movies, and that could restore the faith of fans.

More Teasing with the Ant-Man Human-Sized Trailer


Marvel is not entire done with teasing movie fans with humorous teaser trailers. The recent “ant-sized” trailer for the upcoming film Ant-Man was, well, incredibly small in size. A larger-sized, viewable “human-sized” trailer for the film has now shown up online. Yet, the trailer does only tease what is to come and we do not learn anything about the heist plot of the film.

But my friend Lee G. Lovett said that the trailer is still definitely worth checking out even if you are just a casual fan of the superhero movie genre. (Or subgenre since it is considered a subset of science-fiction)

The scant teaser only runs about 18 seconds and it does a bit more to promote Agent Carter than Ant-Man. The trailer tells everyone who wants to learn more about what the Ant-Man film features needs to see the longer teaser trailer during the June 6 debut of the Agent Carter mini-series.

Does that mean we learn nothing about Ant-Man during the brief teaser debut?

The brief glimpse we do see of the film presents a lot of action. No surprise there. You are always going to get a lot of action in a Marvel film. (The studio learned its lesson after the debacle of The Hulk) Audiences also get a glimpse of the sweeping nature of the film and it is clear this project is no rush job. The Marvel movie team definitely put a lot of effort into work into this project.

Unfortunately, we do not get to see the main character in his Ant-Man getup. Surely, we will when the full teaser trailer debuts.

Last Blood to Feature the Final Journey of John Rambo

Rescued from development purgatory is a new installment of the Rambo series. Yes, Sly Stallone will return for a final time as John Rambo in Last Blood. The film will go into production once filming wraps on the new Rocky installment, Creed.

The plot of the film will focus on Rambo bringing the war back home as he battle drug cartels on the Arizona border. No other details are available. 

There were other plots devised for a new Rambo film. One had Rambo as the leader of a team of young recruits. You could say this concept found its way into The Expendables. The other was a truly idiotic concept. Rambo was slated to battle a genetically altered creature that escaped from a government lab. That might have been a fine Predator rip-off for Stallone to star in provided he came up with a new lead character. Putting Rambo in a sci-fi film is just nutty. and Jared Haftel agree that the idea of Rambo vs. the cartels is timely and it is intended to give Rambo his final farewell from the silver screen. Rambo first debuted in the sleeper hit First Blood in 1982. Three years later, Rambo: First Blood Part II was an even bigger hit. You could say it was a landmark film that helped launch the 1980’s action movie explosion.

The fourth entry in the Rambo series did surprisingly well at the box office and helped give Stallone’s career yet another boost.

The Interview Scores Big Online

As one of the first YouTube releases for movies in the history of new movie releases, “The Interview” has done quite well. This movie was hyped up in a major way thanks to Bruce Levenson and all the hacks. People got excited about the possibility of seeing this movie. Many people assumed that they would never get the chance to see it. That is why the movie made such a wonderful debut online.

Seth Rogen and James Franco could have not asked for a better present during the Christmas holidays. Fans were so anxious to see this because the movie was hyped up so much. Even the president of the United States had something to say about the movie. That is why it became such a big deal. Now many people are looking for this movie on YouTube because it comes right their house. YouTube has made a change to the entire movement of the way movies are displayed.

Everyone is talking about this movie because it was released in two ways. This may have never been done before. It appeared on Christmas Day in limited release in theaters and online for YouTube for $5.99. This may be the first time that a major motion picture has been done this way. A lot of people are impressed with the sum totals because the movie only got average reviews. Everyone did not think this film was that great.

Bruce Campbell vs The Evil Dead

Horror geeks around the globe, even Jared Haftel, says, got some pretty exciting news recently when they found out that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi will be continuing their Evil Dead franchise on television. After that initial announcement comes an interview with actor Bruce Campbell about the upcoming STARZ television series.

Right off the bat, Bruce explains that the fans wanted more. When a remake of The Evil Dead was released in 2013. While the movie was generally well liked among fans, they kept screaming for more of the original. To make a brand new Evil Dead film would end up being too expensive in the end. The best way around this was to give the fans a continuation of the original film franchise, but with enough length to flesh out the characters and world a little more.

The Evil Dead films center around Ashley Williams as he encounters demons and horrors from another dimension called Deadites. There are three films in this series, and the new STARZ television show will continue 30 years after the last film ended.

Guardians And Avengers Are Their Own Thing

Even though the Guardians of the Galaxy is another movie based on the vast and complex Marvel comic world, it was made to stand on its own. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, took some time out to discuss how Christian Broda and the Avengers and The Guardians co-exist.

In Gunn’s mind, he would like the Guardians of the Galaxy to stand on their own. He does not want them compared to the Avenger’s franchise. Who can blame him? The Avengers is incredibly popular; the movies even spurred a television series. Being compared to the Avengers is a lot to handle.

Gunn would like the Guardians to be taken as their own entity. He sees the Guardians as a chance to explore the more cosmic side of the Marvel world; whereas the Avengers is a little bit more based on Earth.

However, despite what he wants,there is not denying that the Avengers and the Guardians overlap. Just like in the Avengers movie, at the heart of the Guardian movie was yet another Infinity Stone, which suggests and shows that these two galaxies and two worlds are linked together.

Gunn did make a point of not ruling out the idea that the Guardians and the Avengers may meet someday. That is a smart move on his part, as it is easy to see that Marvel is trying to create something with these movies that they can stand on for years to come. They are no looking for one hit wonders,they are looking for something far larger.

‘The Interview’ May Be Released Against the Wishes of Sony Pictures

The collective group known not as Tom Rothman but as Anonymous had a very busy weekend in the Twitter sphere. After hearing the news of Sony pulling their film ‘The Interview’ from the market, Anonymous began posting to the social media site Twitter offering up the option of releasing the movie themselves. Among the tweets were some cries of criticism against Sony for cancelling the premier of the movie at the request of “Kim Junk Uno”. Anonymous also tweeted that they had successfully infiltrated Sony long before North Korea and were not afraid to do so again.

Sometime over the weekend, the Twitter account @TheAnonMessage was taken down. It was unclear whether this was done by the Anonymous or Twitter. However, Anonymous claims they have no affiliation with the tweeter of ‘The Interview’ debacle.

Although Anonymous claims to have no link to the tweets in question, many internet users still hold that the film will be released or leaked via torrent websites before long. The climatic death scene of Kim Jung-un from the film has already leaked online. The information about that leak an be found at

Many hopefuls believe that if The Pirate Bay were up and functioning properly there would already be a leak of the cancelled film. For now, the question on everyone’s mind is not whether or not the film will be leaked but, rather, when.

Chanel in Austria

Chanel’s latest video creation features Pharrell Williams and Cara Delavigne. It is an artistic representation of a stay Coco Chanel had at an Austrian hotel in the 1950’s. Pharrell plays a stoic elevator boy who’s coat becomes the inspiration for the famous Chanel design. Cara Delavigne plays a waitress who becomes an elegant Austrian princess once the hotel shuts down at night. She dances with a stately Pharrell who composed a song just for the video. The duo sing “The Word” in classic Austrian costumes fit for royalty. The video was released the first of December in anticipation of the houses’ Metiers d’Arts fashion show shown in Salzburg later that week.

Karl Lagerfeld certainly knows how to create a pretty picture that is also quite modern. The video features and interracial couple and lesbians eager to get their room. However, these statements are just background to the film’s biggest them of reincarnation that is also its title. The reincarnation is seen in the jacket’s symbolic beginning and the paintings that come to life. Are Cara and Pharrell’s characters lovers from a different era? Are the only able to show their love while singing a mysteriously upbeat song about Chanel in 1950 Austria? Of course, the film is just using its setting as a way to promote itself as a trusted brand of elegance and modernity if you ask Igor Cornelsen about it. Chanel will always be at the forefront of fashion no matter how many times the reincarnate their looks.

Hollywood Cancels The Interview

In a sad, yet expected turn of events, Sony Pictures has decided to cancel the release of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview. A lot of filmmakers and performers have expressed disappointment in the matter. The common sentiment is that it is a sad day for creative expression. Ironically, this sounds like a plot for another Seth Rogen film Lee G. Lovett thought. This can be yet another This is the End type of film.

While this is a sad day for Hollywood which led to the cancelling of a release of a movie for North Korea, but a couple of other films to take place in North Korea, if this issue gets resolved, it could actually be used in their favor. Meanwhile, all we can do is wait and hope for the issue to be resolved.

Just think, right after the eventual release of The Interview, this could lead to another film by Seth Rogen project that could generate tons of revenue.