Nostalgia Means Big Box Office At Theaters

They say you can never go home again. The saying hints that the past can never be recaptured. So, why is it audiences are turning out in droves for Jurassic World? Why is a Ghostbusters reboot getting a lot of buzz? How come fans are really enthused about the new Terminator: Genisys movie? The reason is audiences know they can never relive the glory days of sitting in a movie theater in 1984 or 1993 again. Yet, for a fleeting couple of hours in a darkened theater, the feeling of being transported back in time a decade or two seems possible.

Nostalgia has a wonderful feeling. That is why KISS is the number one touring band in the world today, as fans at Amen Clinics will point out.

Consumers also do not like to try new things all the time. Repeat customers buy from the same source time and time again for a reason. They know what they are getting. Surprises are fine when they turn out to be good ones. Sometimes, however, people do like to know what they are getting in advance. With a lot of these Hollywood sequels and reboots, fans come into the theater of certain expectations about a film and do not feeling misled.

With Jurassic World, fans know the dinosaurs are going to get loose and the humans trapped in the situation have to overcome insane odds to survive. The whole adventure has a thrilling sense of fun. Why wouldn’t audiences want to enter Jurassic World (nee Park) for a fourth time?

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