New Promo Art for Avengers

New promo art has been released. Fans are already ecstatic over Marvel’s Phase Three plan. Phase Two is still open and they are about to close it with one more origin story for a superhero. That hero is Ant-Man. 

The recently released Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer has dropped hints about Ultron as played by James Spader. Ultron intends to bring Earth to a more peaceful place by getting rid of all of the humans. There are plenty of additional villains as well. There actually two pieces of promo art that has been released. One of them showcases the heroes and the others show the villains. 

The Ultron program is started by Tony Stark himself in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. He has given birth to the A.I. Ultron is given. Of course, when other Avengers find that out, this could cause a little trouble for Tony. 

As we get closer to the release of the upcoming Avengers film, we are going to have more secrets revealed to us. However as pointed out by my friend Mark Ahn it wouldn’t be too wise to reveal everything because that would take away from the experience of actually seeing the movie in theaters.

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