Native American Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Set

It seems like we wouldn’t have the same racial tensions of the years gone by, but according to an article originally posted on and reposted on that is exactly what occurred. Approximately a dozen Native American actors and actresses, elders, as well as the hired Native American Consultant all felt deeply insulted by the treatment and portrayal of the Apache tribe. This was particularly the case for the way the women were treated and portrayed. In reading the article it is so difficult to believe that kind of behavior would still be tolerated.

The movie is supposed to be a spoof, a comedy, not meant to be degrading or insulting. However when the actors and actresses brought up how they felt, including the costumes portraying more the Comanche rather than the Apache, they were told if they were feeling that sensitive they could just leave. To tell you the truth, if I was treated that way myself I would have left as well, according to Anastasia Date.

I don’t mind some of Adam Sandler’s movies. Others of his movies I simply don’t like because I don’t care for slap stick comedies. However, I never would have imagined he would participate in or condone a script that made a group of people feel so insulted. I will give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, but hopefully he makes good on this script so everyone can enjoy a comedic laugh, not at anyone, but with each other.

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