Movies And Mushrooms


I have watched many shows on Netflix in my time. I think, if I were to ever to pick movies to watch while tripping, American Horror Story ( The Complete Fifth Season),would be the one to watch. It has excellent dialogue, plenty of twists and turns, not to mention the graphics. It is quite risque and goes above and beyond anyone’s imagination. Now overall, any season of American Horror Story is very macabre and they are all surprising. The fifth season stars one of the queens of macabre. And, she adds to the whole story. It is a mixture of rough sex, death and loss. I do believe there is a slight hint of vampirism.

Yet, it is by far not your average vampire. It is basically a characters desire for flesh. The whole series is awesome, as it takes place in a historical hotel. The hotel is designed with 50’s decor. Spirits are known to roam and seduce their fortunate or maybe not so fortunate visitors. Children are welcomed and have their own playroom while the adults venture off to play themselves. So, if you are into wild sex and a trip on the dark side, this a definitely a Netflix must watch series. I myself have it on my top favorite list. Mushrooms or not, it’ll without a doubt have you thinking for awhile.

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