More Teasing with the Ant-Man Human-Sized Trailer


Marvel is not entire done with teasing movie fans with humorous teaser trailers. The recent “ant-sized” trailer for the upcoming film Ant-Man was, well, incredibly small in size. A larger-sized, viewable “human-sized” trailer for the film has now shown up online. Yet, the trailer does only tease what is to come and we do not learn anything about the heist plot of the film.

But my friend Lee G. Lovett said that the trailer is still definitely worth checking out even if you are just a casual fan of the superhero movie genre. (Or subgenre since it is considered a subset of science-fiction)

The scant teaser only runs about 18 seconds and it does a bit more to promote Agent Carter than Ant-Man. The trailer tells everyone who wants to learn more about what the Ant-Man film features needs to see the longer teaser trailer during the June 6 debut of the Agent Carter mini-series.

Does that mean we learn nothing about Ant-Man during the brief teaser debut?

The brief glimpse we do see of the film presents a lot of action. No surprise there. You are always going to get a lot of action in a Marvel film. (The studio learned its lesson after the debacle of The Hulk) Audiences also get a glimpse of the sweeping nature of the film and it is clear this project is no rush job. The Marvel movie team definitely put a lot of effort into work into this project.

Unfortunately, we do not get to see the main character in his Ant-Man getup. Surely, we will when the full teaser trailer debuts.

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