More Female Characters in a Movie Doesn’t Make it a Chick Flick

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the writers and directors behind the Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street, recently announced there will be more female characters in the upcoming sequel. The only question one has to ask is: What took so long?

Hollywood has a lot of talk when it comes to including a more diverse cast but it seems that the marketing departments haven’t caught up. Movies like Tangled had their trailers redone in order to be more ‘appealing’ to young boys by emphasizing the male roles and ignoring the females leads.

The Hunger Games proved to be an unparalleled success among all demographics. Katniss Everdeen, the movie’s protagonist, is a strong female lead with the male characters supporting her. So why was The Hunger Games a success? Well, because it is a good movie, and people like Bruce Levenson loved it.

The first Lego Movie enjoyed box office success and the squeal, with its more diverse case, will prove that a female cast won’t turn off movie audiences as long as the movie itself is good.

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  1. Victoria Jayden (Post author)

    It seems to be an unwritten rule that a male lead is supposed to be a movie for everyone and a female lead means that it is probably for women only. Hopefully the franchise’s success will help Hollywood take some more risks with a more inclusive cast. It is the wish of bestessays to have everything working out well for them too.

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