Milan, Italy Is Now Becoming A Destination For Talk Fusion Associate Vacations

Milan, Italy one of the world’s most picturesque regions and home to both historical landmarks and entertainment venues is now on the list for Talk Fusion vacations. Talk Fusion has always offered vacations as part of its incentives program, and this vacation is 100% paid for by the company. Associates who meet monthly requirements can qualify for this vacation and will win their plane ticket and stay in a luxurious hotel they would otherwise only dream of staying in. This trip is scheduled for December in 2017, and joins the list of other destinations Talk Fusion has put on their list including Maui, Hawaii and Dubai in the UAE.


Talk Fusion is a multilevel marketing company that was built on a philosophy of allowing people to put the work in that they want to and be able to pursue their dreams of living independently and getting to spend more time with family. The way this business model works is people who join Talk Fusion’s associate program can market and sell their products and earn commission doing so. If they start making weekly and monthly sales quotas, they then start qualifying for rewards and can earn prizes such as expensive jewelry and paid vacations.


Talk Fusion was started by Bob Reina, a man who wanted his own life to be more than the 9 to 5 pace he had always been living at. Several years ago, he had wanted to build a program that could send videos as emails without having to send large attachment files, and after succeeding in having it developed, that became Talk Fusion. Since then, Talk Fusion has evolved into a regular video marketing product suite that not only includes video emails, but also newsletters, online meeting and chat software, and website signup forms. Talk Fusion’s WebRTC Recorder even won a Product of the Year award this last year. Reina has encouraged philanthropy among his associates, donating over $1 million himself to Tampa Bay’s pet shelters, and now allowing associates to donate a Talk Fusion account to a charity of their choice.

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