Michel Terpins- Pleasure and Passion for extreme driving

Being a rally driver is a great responsibility. Like a lot of sports, it takes time and a lot of hard work. Compared to other sports, it requires a lot of money and it is extreme. Rally driver has to be one of the top drivers all around the world and have the ability to drive on different road surfaces and different weather condition.

One such driver who enjoys this extreme sport is the Bull Sertões Rally Team member and co-founder Michel Terpins.

Michel Terpins was born in Brasil in 1981 and he is a child of prominent businessman Jack Terpins who is also known as a president of the Latin American Jewish Congress. Growing up in a home that has developed a love for this extreme sport, together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins, he decided to go one step further and convey his passion for extreme racing into a serious business-Bull Sertões.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team was formed by the Terpins brothers who compete for Bull Sertões Rally. They brought this brand to the top of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally.

In 2015, Michel Terpins decided to unite experience and expectations with professional well-known rally driver Beco Andreotti. Michel Terpins and Andreotti completed two-day race – Rally Cuesta Off-Road.

Despite the difficult terrain, for the newspaper, Michel stated that he likes this type of terrain, especially if it is dry.

Brother participated in rally races as Dos Amigos Rally, Dos Sertoes Rally, Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally, Cuesta Off-Road rally and much more.

It is worth to mention that the Bull Sertões Rally Team follows carbon free protocols and that though several years they got a new name: Team with “Carbon Free” stamp. Carbon-free stamp means that the carbon-dioxide emitted by the rally vehicles will be compensated by planting trees in the Atlantic Forest.

You can follow Michel on his twitter account @michelterpins where he announced on August 28 that his rank is among the top 10 in the Sertões Rally.

You can also follow his official website for more news on his next race and preparation terpins.com.br.

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