Meet Ara Chackerian, The Entrepreneur with A Big Heart

When all has been said and done, most millionaires will attribute their success to the deepest desire to serve and not make money. And the same can be said about the healthcare investment mogul, Ara Chackerian.


Chakerian’s rather decorated journey in smart investments and philanthropy spans over a couple of decades. Even though his main focus is investing in startup healthcare companies that are having problems with taking off due to lack of proper funding, the financial mogul is also interested in improving the livelihoods of the communities he has heavily invested in.


Ara Chackerian and his non-profit organizations


One of the many ways in which Mr. Chackerian has managed to boost his reach to the grassroots with his philanthropic donations is through his efficient, well-oiled non-profit machinery. Some of the most popular non-profit organizations include Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures and CREA Nicaragua and many others.


How Mr. Chackerian made it as an entrepreneur



Apart from being extremely successful in the world of entrepreneurship, Mr. Chackerian never shies away from sharing his ideas on how to be successful. This just goes to show that he isn’t a selfish individual and hopes for everyone to make it big just like himself, if not bigger.




Apart from being patient and learning as much as you can, Mr. Chackerian also puts an emphasis on the importance of keeping fit and enjoying the whole process. To him, trail running and surfing are his two personal favorites. To know more you can visit





And it all makes a lot of sense because the world of entrepreneurship can be a stressful one. Therefore, the most important thing would be to kick back and focus on what really matters – blowing off the stress and keeping fresh. He also not only understands but appreciates the importance of having a difference in opinions.




This is because it always presents itself with the opportunity to grow simply by seeing things from other people’s point of view. He also advises young investors to learn how to celebrate wins without letting it go to their heads while appreciating losses as a learning opportunity. Do that and you’ll enjoy life to the max. You can checkout to see more.




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